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Mar 1, 2004
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
About a month ago I received an e-mail from someone claiming to be from Kiss Casino promoting a new RTG casino called Giant Vegas Casino. I just wanted to know if they are affiliated. I had read somewhere that Giant Vegas was affiliated with a group of bad RTG casinos, I cant remember what the group was called. They were all part of one company. Anyways if anyone could let me know so I can decide whether to try out Kiss. The e-mail I got supposedly from Kiss was for a free $16.00 no deposit chip. I never mix bonuses with my own money so I thought what the heck I dont need to deposit. Its the only time I have ever used a bonus and it was good because the cashier interface showed 3 balances; one was my regular balance, one was balance needed to wager, and one was balance available for withdrawal, it let me know exactly how much wagering needed to withdrawal and decreased as I played. Since I have never used bonuses I was wondering if every RTG does this in the cashier when using a bonus.
It seems pretty conclusive that the Giant Vegas group are in charge at Kiss now. GV have been slow-paying recenty - it took affiliate involvement to get my last (definately) cashin processed and sent, and they're currently being very unresponsive to big winners.

Cashflow trouble? Or just standard lower level casino tactics of slow paying those players who have the self-discipline to actually cash out, thus disincentivising them from returning?

Either way, caution recommended.
Casinommeister News 22 January 2004

Real Time Gaming's latest production - Giant - has an international flavour with operations based in Costa Rica and management and marketing out of Sydney, Australia. The site is on servers with a whole slew of other RTG casinos including those from the UK based Cyberbetting International and is workmanlike but unremarkable with the overdone Vegas Showgirl theme. Up at the business end there's a hefty download suite of some 45 top quality games that includes all the casino faves and then some, backed by 24/7 multi-lingual Support and the usual (but never substantiated) RTG claim that all accounts are fully insured and that the games are tested for fairness and accuracy. Money options include the ubiquitous Neteller. Bonus enthusiasts will be checking out the matchplay signup maxed at $125 with a x15 d&b WT...and a Hi Roller bonus of 30 percent on all deposits over $1000 - this is maxed at $600 with a d&b x 6 WT on slots, but read those T&Cs carefully. Giant Vegas is a sister to Kiss, although the latter is presently Boss-powered and there are rumours of a software change about to take place. The erstwhile Global Player manager, Thorsten Hillebrecht has recently joined the operational team.
I have played with giant vegas for a few times.
The first time I was paid right after I gave them my last 4 digits of SSN.
The second time I have to write them a couple of emails to get paid.
The third time I was paid in 4 days.
Overall, I think it's an okay casino to play. My major concern is that they no longer have full pay VPs (be it single or muti hands) and BJ only count for 50% wager on promotions. With 15x(d+b), a 50% coupon would force me to play 90x bonus amount. :eek2:
I'm convinced things are currently in a very bad state at Giant Vegas. Maybe the nickel & dimers are being paid, but the high rollers with big winnings are getting the silent treatment. The only reason I got paid myself was the affiliate assistance I had, and my most recent winnings were hardly noteworthy - low four figures.

This is a definate stay away until they sort themselves out and start responding to Emails and paying their debts.

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