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Apart from Harrods and Red Lounge, is anyone else familiar with any other Casino that Uses Kismet Software?

Hello Tantalos,

Aside from Red Lounge & Harrods, you'll find that only one other casino uses Kismet Software. That being... e-Casino Filipino. Part of Futurebet (whatever that means to anyone... I don't know).

Sidenote: Hmmm, the woman used in the Red Lounge advertisements looks VERY familiar to me. Like, she's being used for more than one casino... I just can't seem to place which other casino I've seen her with.
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Hmmmm Interesting! I'll have to check out Red Lounge - not heard of that one before.

One note for any possible bonus hunters (as if!!! :D ), I noticed in Harrods T&C's it says a player may only claim ONE sign-up bonus across ALL Kismet software casinos... :eek:
(I didn't know how many there were at the time - and I still don't! :oops: )
Never been able to install Harrods Casino on my machine... Always falls over at the first hurdle.

On a related note, and apologies for the wrong thread but I'll forget otherwise, thank you Vinyl for a simple fix that allowed me to get back into 32RED no worries... :thumbsup:

Ah he's back! Thought the idea of being whacked in the comps had scared you off Slotster :D
Simmo! said:
Ah he's back! Thought the idea of being whacked in the comps had scared you off Slotster :D

Ha ha! Scared? Me!?? NEVER!!!!

Ok. Well a little bit :D

I'll be back with a vengeance at 32RED once I get five minutes to myself!!!

I'm assuming the prog comp is all set up for this month?? Bring it on!
Harrods and Red Lounge have the same support(that nice man Jorge)and they will give you the bonus for both(told me they would do it manualy if the software didnt
Cant comment on e filipeno as I have never been able to load the web site(has always come up as not found)so could never download it
Click the powered by Kismet link at the bottom of harrods for more info

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