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Зарегистрировался в этом казино ( в кассе был доступен бездепозитный бонус. Я прочитал условия бонусной политики казино (Bonuses are not available to the following countries: Canada, China, Costa Rica, Latvia, Poland, Singapore and Ukraine, United States of America.) Я из Беларуси. Активировал бонус, выполнил все условия без нарушений по вагеру. Связался со службой поддержки. уточнил выполнил ли я условия бонуса? В чате сказали "Да". Вот переписка :
- Noah: You have nothing left to wager
- You will have to send us all your documents on and you will also have to make a minimum deposit of 25 euro
Отправил документы, скан паспорта, фото с паспортом в руках, квитанцию платежа за коммунальные услуги, квитанцию платежа из банка, фотографию и скан из банка с выпиской по счету.
Хотел сделать минимальный депозит и не смог, заблокировали.
Обратился в чат к поддержке :
- Noah: joined chat
Noah: Hello Dzmitry
Noah: How are you doing?
dzmitry (dimon36): I can not enter
Noah: Please hold a minute
dzmitry (dimon36): Yesterday I sent the documents would now like to make a deposit, why am I blocked??
Noah: Our system suspended your account automatically. We have escalated your documents to the security department and the verification process will take up to 48 hours
dzmitry (dimon36): and when I make a deposit?
Noah: When we receive an answer from the security department, then we will know when you will be able to make a deposit
dzmitry (dimon36): clearly, thanks
Сегодня пришло такое письмо (
Вывод: не хотят выплачивать отыгранный бездепозитный бонус, тем самым нарушая свои правила и условия (моя страна Беларусь может получать бонусы)


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Firstly two tips on posting... If you want people to help you in the future I suggest at least running your post through 'google translate' as we are mostly english speaking here. Also, I suggest never posting your e-mail address on a public forum like this, not unless you like spam. :)

Now on to your problem.... You took a no-deposit bonus, then won. They then informed you that players from Belarus do not qualify for those offers. (They did this before you made the qualifying deposit required) even though this is not listed in their T's and C's.

The bad news is as a rival casino they are in the 'No-Can-Do' list ( which means there is not much the people here can do for you. You cannot PAB and they have no rep to assist you.

You have lost nothing but time on this matter so far. My advice is to not waste any more and just move on. Find somewhere else to play, and stick to accredited sites from now on. I know it's not the result you were hoping for and you are welcome to ignore my advice, but there you have it.

That said... out of curiosity I just opened a live chat with the site and one of their agents said players from belarus are allowed and they can even claim no deposit bonuses as long as they have not been bonus banned by Rival.... Best of luck.


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I did not make a deposit, to me casino should not. Warning to other players about the dubious policy of this casino bonus.
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