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Jun 15, 2007
please do not open account for me.

I also dont appreciate being sent a username and password via snail mail


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
This has been group policy. They did this to me a while ago, I had accounts at King Solomon, and the closed Geisha Lounge, and I was "allocated" an account at the Playtech Windows casino without applying for one. I was sent a username and password by both Email and snail mail.

This does indeed have implications for security, as had I moved house the next resident could have had access to a casino account considered to be mine. It would be "clean" and they could add their own deposit methods etc, however, it would be "linked" to me and any misbehaviour would count against me. When this happens to players who have not played for some time, these is a high risk that out of date information is used to create the account.

It is true that someone hijacking the account would not have access to my banking details, as the account is created "clean", however they would have full access to my REPUTATION, and could ruin it while profiting from opportunities for "bonus abuse".

If this happened recently, this shows the group have completely ignored previous complaints about this, and are continuing to act in this manner.
In the UK, this is illegal, and is the same as sending someone an active credit card without it having been requested. Some banks did this, but were severely rapped over the knuckles by the regulator.

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