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Dec 2, 2004
The newsletter and all the sticky posts at the top of each forum advertise the King Solomon's promotion as 20x WR. I just went to redeem the coupon and their cashier page says 40x WR. 40x is way too much for me, is this just a typo or is the newsletter wrong?
Wagering Is Correct

Hello Guys

I have double checked with King Solomons and essentially the reason for the cashier saying 40x wagering is that it (the cashier )can not split up wagering between the purchase and the bonus.

Therefore we have to because of system constraints show all of the wagering on purchases ,even though the wagering is 20x the purchase and bonus.

A purchase of $100 and a bonus of $100 will at 20x give you a wagering requirement of $4000 i.e $200x20 .The same will apply to a 40x wagering condition on a purchase of $100 $100x40 =$4000

I am speaking to RTG about this at the moment to change it as it is very confusing

I hope that i have been able to clear this up for you .Please let me know if you have any further queries


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