King Solomon's complaint - resolved


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Aug 28, 2004
These guys used to pay overnight or at least within 48 hours.

I have made a withdrawal on the 16th and it has gone nowhere.
I have yet another withdrawal made on 23rd. No money being sent.
None were related to bonuses.

Contacted support. They said nothing they can do.
Contacted manager. No reply.

Anybody experiencing the same? :confused:
Nope, as I didn't know they were the same yet I do notice the similarity of the bonuses they sometimes offer. And I need not PM him/her as I already got help from Live Chat.

I finally could get a hold of a very smart representative, Thinus (turned out he was the person in charge), his service was excellent and I buy he explainations. Although I haven't received a penny yet, please, Casinomeister, feel free to mark this "resolved".

I guess I was a bit overreactive, having experienced the slow payments by other RTGs in the past. King Solomon's has been the only RTG left on my computer for once a while already and I will continue my patronage once I REALLY get paid. :thumbsup:
just been in a similar case, withdrew on 15th contacted them on 19th via live chat to be told that it was processed on 17th and could take 4-5 days (to Neteller!). spoke again on 22nd and was told they would pass it to the accounting department and it would take till the end of the week for them to investigate.

Cash turned up in my neteller account 2 hours ago.
Response from The Rep finally

Hello Guys

I have been off ill for a while and have finally beaten the dreaded flu bug.

I have forwarded this thread on to the relevant people in our orginization as payment to players is a big priority with us -Always has been and always will be.

Our players get paid but as always if there is anything that we can do to improve then we will.

Thank you for the postings at any rate


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