King Solomons casinos and Removal of personal details.


Feb 13, 2006
Isle of Man
I was just wondering if anyone else had had problems with any of the KS casinos and removing themselves from the mailing lists. I closed my accounts at KS, playunited etc and requested that my email details where removed from their database/s and I keep getting the same line from them. They say they have done it and dont bother. They also seem to have a big problem of not being able to identify where the chat request has been sent from.

I decided to try again to get my details wiped out and contacted the KS support via there live chat service. I didnt put any account name or email into the start of the chat and asked them to remove my address. This is my chat session.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Marlon'
Marlon: Welcome to our online chat service how may I be assistance
Phil: Hi Marlon Kingsolomons appears to be spamming me after I made specific requests for my account to be closed and my email address to be removed. Fix this please
Marlon: Kindly hold while I have a look into the matter for you
Marlon: Thanks for holding for me, your patience is greatly appreciated. Kindly be advised that you have been removed
Marlon: from te mailing list
Phil: thanks a lot.. what email address did you remove??
Marlon: the email address on your account

At this point either my connection went funny and I lost the chat or I was disconnected as I was unable to send anymore text.

Sorry to post this here I just wanted to vent my annoyance for all to see as it bugs me incessantly when I cant get off an email lists from casinos I no longer play.

Thanks for Listening.
They have a rep. here, who - i think - is very helpful. Maybe you should PM this to him.
They had some problems with CS recently but it seemed to have brightened up now.
Are the mails from the KS group directly?
Rermoval of Details

Hello guys

Just to let you know that i am not ignoring this .I am following up with the Casino on what action they are taking re this and i will update you when i get some feedback.

Some More Feedback

Guys i am not going to beat about the bush here .This group of Casinos is in the process of overhauling its entire operation and that includes technology .They are exepriencing issues with a number of queries on the unsubscribe database and they are looking to do something re it as soon as possible. As with all things there is a list of priorities and this is in the mix .

In the meantime if you are experiencing issues please email me at and i will take it up with the Casino.

It is going to take about 2 months to resolve the Casino have advised me.


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