King Solomons Casino - are they really trustworthy?


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Aug 4, 2003
This is not yet a complaint, but definitely I am not happy with their cashin processing time which is quite different than what is mentioned in their web site.

I don't know why it takes one week (7 days) to reach my Neteller account (if it happens) even after approval and different support rep. responded with different answers.

Yifat: Hi Xxxx
xxxx: i want to check my cashin status...
Yifat: ok...
xxxx: I made several request for cashin starting from 30 Oct 05....and they are all approved at 1 Nov 05
xxxx: today is 3 Nov but I still not yet get the cashin to my Neteller account....
Yifat: i see, i just check for a small thing
Yifat: just a sec
Yifat: crediting usualy takes 4-5 woring days

xxxx: are you sure?
xxxx: yesterday I chatted with your live chat
xxxx: and he told me it takes 24 hours only.....
Yifat: yes
xxxx: but it's 48 hours after approval and I still don't get my cashin......
Yifat: as i wrote it take 4-5 working days
xxxx: and now you tell me it takes 4-5 working days....
xxxx: but your web site said it's immediate after approval...
Yifat: kindly trust me. you will receive the money in the beginning of next week
xxxx: no. I need it now...
Yifat: your cash in left us on the1st and 2nd
Yifat: it's now being processed with your neteller

xxxx:"You may request a withdrawal of your funds via Neteller. There is no fee associated with a Neteller withdrawal. They are normally approved within 48 hours and are immediately transferred to your account."


I think that you will find that King Solomons is a totally trustworthy Casino and yes i agree with you re the cash in times.At the moment it is unacceptable and the Casino is taking steps to resolve this issue.

I must mention that they ran a marketing excercise that totally overwhelmed the Casino Operators and that is another reason for the delay

You can however take my word that you will always get your money.In the meantime if you would like to PM me your account id i will jump on them at the Casino to see that this is resolved ASAP

I am waiting too......

Greg, I guess you are the one that has been getting on them about taking so long in answering my emails and now I too am waiting for my withdrawal, this is the third day. You must tell them that it doesn't look good :eek2: for replaying at this casino with all this going on, when we can go to a casino like Trident who answers emails right away and takes care of withdrawals in 24 hours.
I will PM you my account # and see if you cannot also hurry things along. Thanks for all your help, they sure have a jewel in you.:notworthy

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