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Feb 22, 2004
Anyone getting promos from King Solomon? I did for a couple of months but have not received anything from them in awhile now.

I enjoyed the promos because they allowed roulette and few casinos do.



Is this really the way to go about things ?

If you have a promotions question why dont you ask King Solomons.There might be a variety of reasons for you not getting promotional offers including the fact that you might not be reading your junk mail.

Casinos are finding it a lot harder to get mail through spam filters.

Stanford PM me your Player ID and i will find out or contact King Solomons directly
GrandAcesGeisha said:

Is this really the way to go about things ? ...
Insert smiley :D

I'm finding that more and more casino related emails are being blocked by ISPs and demented services like AOL.

Side note: do this industry a favor and drop AOL. It's a monster gone wild!

If you aren't receiving promos or emails like my newsletter - contact the sender!
May I ask a silly question.. Why does everyone say AOL is really bad? I have used them for a while (Mainly due to all my family/friends using it) and have never had any problems with it.
I agree Casinomeister

I got hacked through AOL IM pretty recently, the hacker was GOOD is all I can say...they got through AOL, My router and Windows Firewall etc...
They sent mass emails from my email account...they disabled me in the meantime to where I was unable to get online. When I finally fixed my computer, got online and saw the messages sent, I had also received numerous emails from IRATE people saying they were going to report me to the FCC for fraud LOL

I contacted AOL and was assured that the "Hacks" didn't have access to the rest of my computer outside of AOL....So to be safe I watched things like my bank account etc...for a couple of weeks...but BOOM about 3 weeks later my Bank Account had like 40 ATM charges on the same day for the same amount of $25 each...which in turn caused me to Overdraft and that is about ALL i have to say about THAT LOL

AOL is not any safer than any fact in my BLonde opinion it leaves one more exposed. The only reason I even have it is due to the fact that I travel and work and needed a flexible ISP with no charges.

But yah AOL has cost me some BUCKS for sure :(
not to mention I got Firepay Pissed off at me because it made their deposit to them bounce LOL

Sometimes life sucks
but thats alright
i'm ok
it ain't nothing but another damn day right?

pssst I do love that quote there Casinomeister because it is always beerthirty somewhere LOL

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