King Neptunes has shut down


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Jun 24, 2001
I made a deposit a couple of days ago and had played a bit,it seemed like a nice place. When I switched on my computer in the afternoon I received an email saying it had shut down for an upgrade.
Does anyone know if they're really upgrading or have gone out of business?
Also, I was in the middle of playing with a matchplay bonus, they say they'll send me my money in a few days. Is it likely they'll keep they're word.
They were microgaming by the way if that makes any difference.
I have heard through the grapevine that Neptunes has closed for a short period as it has undergone a complete management overhaul. The new management are relocating the servers to a proper licensing juridstiction and finalising the setup of their customer service center. I am sure they
will be sending out a press release sometime in the next month or so to let the world know that they are back up and running.
I've been back now they've re-opened and for me, the story isn't good. The old software seemed fair, but the new was very disappointing, especially on BJ.
I hardly won any hands, and certainly no more than a couple of hands consecutively. I would advise gamblers to give it a miss unless you're feeling very lucky.

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