Kids left alone before deadly Texas day care fire


Nurses love to give shots
Sad Sad story

This &*$%%^ Jessica Tata has fled the country
Bring her back to the US and hang her @

My Thoughts & Prayers go out to the friends & Family of the children that died in this fire.
It's a shame we have people like this that watch our children.
I have many harsh words I can say about how I feel on this.

Kids left alone before deadly Texas day care fire

HOUSTON (AP) - Investigators say the four children who died in a fire at a day care center in Houston last week had been left alone there, without adult supervision, while a stovetop burner was on. Investigators believe the burner was the source of the fire.

Neighbors say they saw the day care operator drive up to the home and go inside, and then heard her screaming seconds later as smoke came from inside.

Three other children were injured. Two of the injured kids remain hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

Jessica Tata has been charged with reckless injury to a child involving serious bodily injury.

by Bea Karnes
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Daycare Operator Flees U.S. After Deadly Fire
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That is horrible. Why would she leave those children alone? I don't get it. How the hell did she get her license in the first sad.

I don't know what to say really...poor families. :(


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Absolutely the most horrible thing.

I could be wrong but I don't think you don't have to have a license unless you have x number of kids which I think is over 5. There is no licensing involved and no checks from anyone but parents.

My daughter just bought a daycare, licensed for 60 kids. She had her first licensing visit which the daycare passed with flying colors. There are so many rules and regs for a truly licensed daycare.


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Oh My!

I used to work in a licensed centre and in Alberta at least you had to be licensed to run a dayhome. Even if all you had was one kid.... Parents who required subsidy had to have kids in a licensed daycare or home. However, even with a license terrible things have happened.... That woman is lucky it was not one of my kids that's for sure


Nurses love to give shots
This is good news to hear that she is on her way back to the US to get whats coming to her.
All I can say is R I H B

Texas News
HOUSTON (AP) -- The owner of a Houston home day care center who is accused in a fire that killed four children is headed back to the United States.
Jessica Tata's return comes almost a month after authorities say she fled to Nigeria, where the 22-year-old has family.
Tata faces manslaughter and other charges in the Feb. 24 fire that killed four children and injured three others. Authorities allege she left the children alone while she shopped at a nearby store. A stove top burner that had been left on is believed to have started the blaze.
U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston says she expects Tata to arrive in Houston sometime Monday. The Texas Democrat says Tata departed Lagos, Nigeria, Sunday afternoon.
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Is That Better?
She can run around the world twenty times. She will never be able to outrun what her foolishness caused. Horrible.