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I'm not sure if this was formally announced, but in-case not, I'm giving a heads up. I was talking to Kenny via e-mail a few days ago, and this is a snippet of what was said.
Hello Jennifer,

Hope you’re well and having a good week. The time has come for me to move on to new adventures within the company. I’m excited to be a part of the ongoing journey of taking to new heights, striving to become the very best that we can be with everything we do and deliver. Even though at times we had our differences, It has still been a pleasure getting to know you better. My colleague will reach out to you shortly so don’t worry, you will still have a friendly face to connect with if there’s any inquiries going forward. Please note that this email address will be closed down within a near future.
Yes we had our differences :oops:, but congrats on his new journey! And its nice to see VS promote within. :)


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"Oh my God they internally promoted Kenny! You Cronyists!!



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Thanks Dan - just a quick heads up that the free spin prizes from the previous freeroll have not credited


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Hi Bailey0799,

We canceled the freeroll Battle and moved it to 21:15 and we are trying to solve the technical issue by then.


Heres a mad idea, stop giving battle tickets out to half the world while you are having problems with the battles everytime there are a lot of people trying to play! :what:


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We sometimes forget that VS is a business and don't all business's market to attract new customers? As Dan says, VS has grown more than they could have expected - you can plan for growth but when that growth takes place exponentially then we have to expect some issues whilst the business compensates.

I know I can slate VS at times but even I understand the basics of any business - patience people and I am sure Dan and VS will get there in the end :)