Karjala Kasino (problems again)


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Mar 5, 2014
the Netherlands
After a long week with no help from the casino. Couldn't contact them, they didn't contact me about document uploads etc.
Finally I got help here from an Karjala employee. Problem was solved, documents where approved. Money was in my creditcard account.

But now problems again:

Due to current policy, you are currently not allowed to perform this type of transaction. For further assistance, please contact support.

Contacted them 3 times! Kicked out of chat for 2 times because of timed out session. And that after less then 10 minutes! Finally a resonse: Your account is under investigation. What? After a week with problems, and now this. I told them to close my account, they never get 1 cent from me. What a mess this casino is.

Account closed. This most be the worst service casino I ever played with.


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Aug 21, 2018
They moved under Aspire Global few months ago. If someone likes to play in Aspire platform then ok. I don't like and main reason is too much negative feedback over the years.

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