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Hi all.
I searched for any thread relating to Kajot casino but haven't found anything, so I'll start a new one.
Reason why I'm starting this thread is nice experience I had playing there.
They are offering no deposit bonus upon sign up (ask support are you eligible for and how much you can get, it depends from country to country,must use messages cause there is no live chat), free spins almost every week and they come wager free, and most of all they offer instant!! withdrawal to Skrill (got winnings in my Skrill account within seconds after cashing out in casino lobby), this is the fastest withdrawal I ever had.
They use software that I am not familiar with (probably their own?), mostly those are classic slots.
Disclaimer - I don't have any connections with this casino, just had some luck there and wanted to post that.


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Yup, the absence of live chat is something they should fix asap, but for games being something different then the software familiar to us I don't find as minus for this casino,weekly FS with no WR and their instant withdrawal (I am still impressed with this option) is something that deserves to be emphasized.


Was not able to find any info on RTP or if the games are rng certified on there website.
Anyone else able to find that information?


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It always seems strange when a new(ish) member speaks good about a new casino no-one has ever heard of.

1.The software is nothing i am familiar with, and the slots well the ones i tried atleast are not very polished.
2.There is no offical rtp or rng mentioned like welith said.
3.Support only available by contact form, thats pretty bad, i mean live chat, and/or atleast a phone number should be presented.

I know i know, these are just some warning signs, and the software might be fair, the casino might pay up when a person wins, but personally wouldn't put any money into this kind of casino. Just saying.


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Aside from what others have mentioned what seems funny to me is that that top 5 players thing on the right side is just a graphic.


also....Max Power ;)

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As I stated in my first post I started this thread cause I couldn't find any relating to this casino and I wanted to share my experience and hear if any of the casinomeister members had any (good or bad).
Please, do not take my words as any kind of suggestion whether to play or not to at this casino.


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Received email from support
Paul (Kajot Casino)
Hi Terry,

Thanks for your message. We are always pleased to welcome new players into the fold. And, yes our Slots are exclusive. You can only play KAJOT's slots for money on KAJOT Casino. We are, so to say, unique.

And here's our offer to new players:

Go to kajot-casino.eu and test our game Joker27. If you register you will get a €5 cash no deposit bonus on your account. You can either continue playing Joker27 or choose any of our other games. No Limitations!

BUT that's not all. If you deposit money into your account within 7 days of registering, you will get our 100% Welcome bonus of up to €300. This bonus is credited to a bonus account and can be unlocked by playing our slots for money. The bonus is paid out in €1 increments.

BUT that's still not all. We have our freespins offer nearly every week. Just make sure the newsletter box is ticked when you register. Next week there are 25 Tropical 7 freespins to be had. The newsletter usually goes out on Tuesday.

As to live chat. We do have live chat, just not 24/7 yet. The chat is not on the start page, but after logging in, you'll find the chat widget on every page. (It's also on the help page if you're not logged in)

Have a great weekend terry and give it a go, you can only gain!

Your KAJOT Team

Seems like English speaker to me, & Name,


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Beware beware!!

I am a member of this casino because I received an email about 3-4 months ago that offered me €5 no deposit.
I wanted to give the games a go I played their slots with fun money. It soon became apparent that they are NOT a true representation of actually gameplay, as a matter of fact it's pretty much impossible to lose.
I receive 25 free spins (0.10cents per spin) on a weekly basis, so far I've had 175 no deposit spins and out of those I've won a grand total 1.80 cents.

Also check out the bonus terms, I honestly have no clue how to work out how it's paid (not that it matters because I'm going to deposit). I'm terrible at math so it just confuses the hell out of me :confused: :

16.6. The amount of the Welcome Bonus is 100% of the deposited amount.
16.7. The Welcome Bonus offer is limited to one Welcome Bonus per player.
16.8. The sum of the Welcome Bonus is non-redeemable.
16.9. Your Welcome Bonus will be credited immediately to a Welcome Bonus account, which
You will be able to access after logging in under ‘My Casino>My Bonus’
16.10. The value of 1% of Your bets will be taken to unlock your Welcome Bonus. Unlocked Bonuses will be automatically transferred to your Member Account. Bonuses awarded
until 04/06/2014 will be paid out in increments of €10. Thereafter bonuses will be paid
out in €1 increments.

Anyway I think you guys know the score, stay safe.


we have some of these slots in cafe bars. machines include 99 slots and on this site most of them are the ones we avoid to play :lolup:


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i play those machines a lot when i go to Poland. like the oldschool style
i play once in a while at kajot, it looks like KGR-slots (playstar casino)
the response via mail is fast, and Paul is a nice guy.
i dont like the way the bonus is payed out. (increments of 1 euro, after you wager that part)
i like the easy way you can adjust bet size and that it always starts on the lowest betsize, so no risk of accidental max bets of 30/40 euro with first spin (like netent grrrr)

you know what... im gonna give it another try in a moment

oh and they do difficult with verification. all of my monthly bills, are payed automatically, so no pfysical paper.

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