kaave.com does not pay me my money.


Dormant account
Apr 20, 2006
my name is aysegul ertugrul and i am from Turkey.

a few days ago i have become a member of kaave.com(a poker and backgammon site in Turkey). i deposited 700 dollars. i played for two days. and my balance was 836 dollars when i was suddenly dissmissed from the site while i was in the midle of a game. when i tried to log in again a message appeared in the screen telling me that i was dissmissed and my membership was terminated till the year 2200! because of misbehaviour. they have written no answer to my mails . i believe that they simply stole my money. no reason was told friends. the reason is not cheating . for the cheaters the message says "your membership has been cancelled because you have cheated". what is ill behaviour for gods sake. i did not swear at any member nor threatened anybody. i am a 21 year old student. please DO HELP ME get my money back . i really need it. there can be only one reason i can think of. while playing i asked a member if it was safe to play at this site and she advised me to cancel my membership at once because it was impossible to win at this casino. she advised me to leave before i became an addict. but i could not because i was dissmissed a few hours later. there is no problem with my credit card or the way i have deposited. is it so easy to cancel one's membership and take hold of her money. show me a way to retrieve my money please?

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