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Mar 15, 2003
While We all have had our shares of run-ins with the online casino industry. Much of the blame is no one fault but ours. Most of us try to live fair and balance lives. We try to be honest and deal fairly with others. But this is where our mistake lies. We have this belief that since We are honest individuals, that others are honest also. That is just not the case.
Some of us try different casinos because we like certain games and other try different casinos because of bonuses. Doing our search for change, we run into rogue situation. Some online casinos refusing to payout winnings, others refuse to refund payment, and some even places outragous terms in their policies. But because some of us are honest, but nieve. We tend to trust these type places. Once We becomes the victim of theses types of operations. We often complain and can't understand why. The answers are simple. GREED!!! And it stimulates from both parties. We often meet here to share our experinces with different types of online casinos. We share good and bad. Mostly we bond together to help someone out who has had a bad shake from dealing with a rogue situation. There are 100s of post from Members and the SYSOP stating to avoid this casinos. But some of us go ahead and play anyways. Either trying to defeat the odds, not really reading the messages, or nieve and falling for their promotions. I have done it. I fail for places like Crystal Palace, and a few MicroGaming Sites, because I didn't READ!!!! But I never made a complaint to the SYSOP because I was warned! But what turns these places into Rogues and How is it our fault for aiding? Its simple, GREED! It doesn't matter whether its the online gaming industry, your family member, or your government. People wants to consume Money and Power. And they don't care if they have to scam an old lady, Rig the online gaming, or Kill their own citizens. The bottom line is they do it. People allow it to happen and it WORKS!! For every victim that falls for such scams and manipulations...Power is consolidated! For us that plays online gaming. Here is where the fault mainly falls on us. We are expect something for NOTHING!!! My point, We all know a few casino that pays on times and runs a fair joint. But instead of sticking strickly to those casinos. Some of us chooses to try others casinos and fall for their terms and conditions. Why? Some of us fall for their 100% match bonus up to $100 and their 6X, 10X, 15X, etc. wager requirements. look at that and think for a second. By accepting thier bonus they now have full control of your money. Some of us rather have $200 (half of theirs) and put more odds in their favor trying to meet a wager requirement and risk losing. Instead of depositing $200 and not excepting the bonus. And can cashout at $201 if you like. and Its ALL YOURS! GREED! We just fed their considation of power by mismanaging ours. We are so quick to jump in that we forget how to swim. When you goto a live casino. They don't give you 100% match bonus. You go in with ours and what you win is yours to keep. The same standards should be applied to honest casinos with a good reputation of paying. And for those whom open multiple accounts. You know why you are doing so? Because you are taking part in bonuses each time. But you are giving yourself 10X odds each time trying to comply with "THEIR" Terms. Find a nice play and stay there. Don't fall for "Their" Terms like wagering counts except on Craps, BJ, and etc. Deposit the amount you are able to play with and go from there. Enjoy all the games they have to offer and do away with their terms. This is the only way we are going to survive this madness. In Truth the online industry has turned us into Sick Patients. And we must heal ourselves if we are ever to come to reason.
"I lost $10,000 in 10 minutes because I was greedy. Do you have the link to Gamblers Anonymous?

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