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May 12, 2009
I posted this on the GoneGambling forum and well the facts speak for themselves!
NOTE: at the time I posted this I had 18,000 GG

Commitment Invitation
Tonight at Chat for every GG I get I will donate 1 penny to the " Trish Memorial Fund "
I realize a penny is not a lot but if we all do it think how much help it could add up to for her family!
If there is someone who personally knows her family and would like to take care of getting the funds to them please
let me know!

I invite All GG Members to join me in this commitment.
And I send out a special invitation to GAIA to call my name as often as you like!
If you would like to join in on this just reply to this post so your name is on the list!

OBVIOUSLY i need to make a point clear! The GGs I get tonight in chat are being returned along with one penny for each.
This was NOT a ploy to get GGs it was my way of doing something for the family of someone who was very loved by many
Here at GG!
WyldGirl 2/13/2011 11:05:42 PM


1 Raidy 24 days 17 minutes ago.

nothing like using a sad time like the loss of our trish to line your GG bank, which you have done nothing but complain
has been empty for weeks. I say if you want to send money to Trish' son Shane send it on your own free will.
Dont use this time for your own good. I can send the addy if you need it. The others who have known trish for years
will send her son a gift if they choose to. reconsider your post

2 WyldGirl
I am not keeping the GGs from tonight they are going back into the chest or wherever they keep them.
Do not assume to know what you are talking about as my Gg bank has plenty in it.
Your comment is totally out of line and there are others who have committed to the this also!

And I promised GreedyGirl I would start paying more attention to my wording in my posts so GreeyGirl soory but I know
exactly what I am posting next and am wording it exactly as it is intended .

FUK you Raidy

WyldGirl 2/14/2011 12:06:58 AM

3 Raidy
my goodness how the truth brings out the meaness in some.

4 WyldGirl
You must really have a lonely miserable existance if all you see is greed and selfservice in everything.
There are some of us who are not all about ourselves and can and do try to make the world a little easier for others.
I will no carry this on any further with you as you are not worth it.

5 deemac80
Wyldgirl, you need to stop trying to be on top of everything, you are as fake as fake gets, and using this as an excuse to
get GGs is deplorable. But it sure doesnt suprise me that you would stoop to this level. I agree with raidy 110%

6 katwoman
Uh folks, she can't even accept gifting because she has too much in her bank. She's talking about the auto GAIA thing
in chat.

7 gazelle
There seems to be a misunderstanding, Raidy, WyldGirl just gifted me 3,000 GG points about 2 hours ago.
I think you have have jumped the gun here a little.

gl n luv2u'all2
aka Gazelle
Why can't we all be friends ... LOL Come on folks, Trish really would not like this going on so let's make up, okay.
Then, everyone grab a bat and go smack
GAIA in her fake BOOBS!

8 greedygirl
My two cents

I know WyldGirl's intentions were good, INITIALLY...

Raidy misunderstood and said how she felt. It was easy to misunderstand WyldGirl's first post (prior to her editing it)
and to be honest, I'm surprised others didn't jump on WyldGirl in the way it was first written.
The problem came in when WyldGirl said what she said to Raidy.
She went from zero to sixty in half a
heartbeat and made a simple misunderstanding into something intolerable.

For this, Wyld is on a two week vacation, which upon further review may turn into a permanent one.


From: Wicked Wyld Girl [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2011 4:15 AM
To: Greedygirl
Subject: GG Members are writing

I wasn't going to send this then I thought maybe you needed to see what members at the site think.
I have not included their names because I won't be the excuse for anything bad to happen to them.
This is only a portion of the emails I am getting as of today they total 23.


Wyld Girl,
Just thought you would like to know not all of us think you getting banned was right. I hope you don't tell her I wrote
you or she might ban me too.

If somebody accused me like that i would have told them to fuck off too. Good for you to stand up for yourself.

If it wouldn't get me kicked out I would have defended you more than I did. I hope you understand.

Wyld Girl,
If somebody attacked me for doing something nice I would have been pissed off like you. It's not fair to just ban one of
you besides she started it.

I think GreedyGirl was wrong banning you. A lot of us are scared to even post things she won't like now.

Wyld Girl,
Doesn't the new owner post and his other site that to be careful what you post because you may not get the reaction from
others you want? I wonder if he knows what happened to you for your reply?

I can't believe she banned you and not the other person too. After all she did start it by how she posted so I say she got
what she had coming.

Sorry you got banned. We miss you at GG a lot. You are very nice and I think you acted just like anyone elde
would have if somebody said something that mean without even knowing what they were talking about.

Wyld Girl,
I know I need to watch what I post now.
I'm not a part of their little click so does this mean if i defend myself I can get banned?

Wyld Girl,
I like you and the way you say the truth even if it isn't good. I think GreedyGirl never liked that so
that is really why you got banned. So did she ban you forever like she said she might? She acts like we
can't defend ourselves and a lot of members are talking about leaving because of it.

From: Greedygirl
To: 'Wicked Wyld Girl'
Cc: 'Bryan Bailey'
Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2011 3:07 PM
Subject: RE: GG Members are writing

Hi Tina-
I'm copying Bryan on this, as he's mentioned in one of the 'quotes' you've listed in this email. Also, I am aware that
you contacted Bryan following the events of last week.
First, let's make something perfectly clear: YOU were the one who said you would not be returning. I told you in chat
that I was imposing a 2-week 'vacation' (suspension). This was also echoed in my reply to the thread that is in question. Once I received your email last week, I accepted your decision to not come back. Be sure to let the people who are '
responsible' for these '23' emails understand this.
Actually, I don't really believe that there are 23 emails, but if there are, there's nothing I can do, really.
I'm not someone who just bans members left and right. Since I've been back at GoneGambling, I've banned two members
for defrauding the site and our casino sponsors and I've given you the suspension. Not exactly someone to fear, now am I?
If anyone wants to leave GoneGambling, I have no control over their decisions. We're all adults and if anyone is so
miserable, then by all means, they should leave.
In your email you sent last week, you stated you have cancer. I've lost too many people to this disease-most recently,
my best friend (three years ago), my mother (last year) and one of my dearest friends from this industry (just six months
ago). Unfortunately, I know firsthand how devastating this disease is. IMO, you'll do yourself a world of good to stop
worrying about GoneGambling, what others have to say and other trivial bits. Focus more on fighting this disease and
spending as much time with family and friends as you possibly can. I sincerely hope you're able to successfully fight
off the cancer.

In closing, I'm taking you at your word in your email last week:
First you do not have to bother deciding on the permanent ban as I will not be returning to GoneGambling'


From: Wicked Wyld Girl [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011 11:43 PM
To: Greedygirl
Subject: Re: GG Members are writing

I do have a question regarding your "in closing" statement?
Are you saying that should I decide to return to gone gambling I will not be allowed to?
If so why?

From: Greedygirl
To: 'Wicked Wyld Girl'
Cc: 'Bryan Bailey'
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 12:07 AM
Subject: RE: GG Members are writing

Tina, I really don't have any inclination to get into a back and forth with you.
You already said you would not be returning when I gave you the suspension. Once you said that,
it became a permanent suspension and I'm not about to reverse it.
There's really nothing more to discuss with this.

----- Original Message -----
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2011 12:34 AM
Subject: Tina, here's your GG Newsletter - February 28, 2011

When I got the newsletter again, as i did not get any while on suspension, I thought it was a sign that
I had not been permanently suspended so I decided to go ahead and use my membership but stay away from the
forum and any possible problems
I played every day until on 3/9 I went to log in and it said i was banned.
So I just let it go.
Then I get an email asking had i seen the post at Gone Gambling and provided a link. i went and this is what i found.

gazelle 22 hours ago.

Am I mistaken? But wasn't this member banned recently?
If so, why is she winning our vouchers?

Drawn every 5 mins.
Pool 1,199 GG Points
Drawn every 15 mins.


Is there still life after GG? Gazelle's gotta know ... LOL

gl n luv 2u'all2
aka Gazelle

3 greedygirl 19 hours ago.
Re: WyldGirl????

Thanks for letting me know, Gaz.
What happened was that when we initially had the trouble with Wyld, I had at first given her a 2-week vacation.
Things deteriorated from there and Wyld (in an email to me), made it quite clear she would not be returning. Later,
she emailed a couple more times, being fairly erratic--in the last email, she seemed to be asking to come back.
I CLEARLY explained she could not.

Cutting to the chase, it's my error that I did not adjust the admin to show a permanent ban
(it was still set to the 2-week vacation).
I have now permanently banned her.

wnan--the members knew she was banned because there was a bit of a ruckus with this member,
which was contained in a previous thread (a few weeks back). :)

I did not have a copy of my original email to GreedyGirl or I would have posted it.
If she has a copy i would hope she will post it here and let others determine if

I had been "fairly erratic" OR was I supplying her with some food for thought.

I was "asking to come back" OR was I looking for a straight answer to explain her attitude?

The posts clearly show she had already made public her intent to ban me for reacting to an extremely offensive comment.
Yet had no problem that this member had been attacked with no validity! And took no action on the other member.

"I am NOT going to allow members to talk to other members in the way WyldGirl did."
<< I ask you which is worst to attack someones character in a very cruel way without foundation or to reply
to such an attack with the statement "FUK OFF"

I realize posting this will result in the GreedyGirl friends posting their attacks but at least I know
I HAVE PUT THE TRUTH IN MY POSTS. And have not posted somewhere making statements against someone without
allowing them the opportunity of a reply.
I guess the ability and right to defend ones self is not a concept that everyone can wrap their brain around!

I will not be returning to read replies to this or enter into a slam free for all.
I could not put the facts up where others have been mis-informed so am putting them here so I can have closure.


Dormant account
Jun 20, 2001
Turn right, then right. then right again
Trish would be so sad right now if she could see all your pointless carry-on and the conflict you have caused and are continuing to cause.

All you had to say to raidy was " I'm sorry if it came across that way etc" without the insults and we wouldn't be reading all this crap and you would still be a GG member.

If you REALLY want to honor Trish's memory you should grow up and accept the consequences of your actions.

At the risk of sounding like a "greedygirl friend" I can safely say she is about as fair as they come, and if she thinks the site is better without you then that's good enough for me.


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
Having waded through this diatribe I find myself asking "what the hell has this got to do with Casinomeister forum members?"

I know that Bryan owns both sites, but they are distinct from one another, despite some members belonging to both.

I get the feeling that Wyld Girl posted the small novel above simply because she wanted to spread word of her difficulties with GG, and couldn't have the last word at GG due to her ban.

Greedy Girl is about as fair as they come in my experience, and imo her duty as manager at GG is to ensure that the forum there does not descend into chaos and discourtesy. No point in blaming her when the member's indiscipline is at the core of the problem.


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Jan 20, 2004
... I find myself asking "what the hell has this got to do with Casinomeister forum members?"

Ditto! I'll bet this one gets the lock as soon as B sees it. Speaking of which, great time to "Report Post"! :thumbsup:


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Jun 30, 1998
It's astounding how low some people will go for bonus points. If you wanted to collect something for Trish's family, you would have just collected it and made a donation. Doing this in order to collect more GG points is pretty self-serving, and I believe you were told you were out of line.

What makes you think that the membership wants your private correspondence posted here concerning your issues at GG?

You quit GG - get over it. You were the one who told GG's management that you were not coming back. And we accepted the offer because you and GG are not a good match.

You obviously don't have a clue on what is socially acceptable - you need to come back down to Earth and get a grip.

Account banned for being too annoying. Go party elsewhere.


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Jan 19, 2002
Someplace other than where you're at
There's really not much for me to add to this. WyldGirl created commotion both for me and for members on several occasions and this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

After dealing with WyldGirl, instincts tell me that this thread had nothing to do with 'closure,' but has everything to do with needing attention. However, if it's 'closure' she really wanted, it looks like she now has it both at GG and at CM. :rolleyes:


Ueber Meister
Apr 25, 2006
I have been a member at Gonegambling and Casinomeister for many years
I was in chat when this peon came in an also when she made that rude post in regards to our late beloved Trish
I have talked it over with Lauriejim the co owner of our forum Gamblers Go Wild and we are also gonna ban this piece of crap from our site
we will not stand for this kinda crap

I am not just a player but a co-owner at GGW an Gonegambling is a very trusted site which we have them on our page as well as Casinomeister

Greedy sorry you had to deal with your 1st Fruitloop since you have been back


GGW Cindy:p


You type well loads
Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Shame, I could have bankrupted her:D

I have 900,000 + GG points, and she would have had to donate $9000 to the fund, and PROVE IT.

I can't see HOW this could have been a legit offer, unless she had LOTS of money sloshing around.

GG points are not THAT valuable, since there are strict limits on the amount per month that can be converted to casino bonuses, and bonuses are pretty hard to win from the games.

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