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Just not my slot?

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Ginske, Oct 3, 2012.

    Oct 3, 2012
  1. Ginske

    Ginske Dormant account

    Sales rep
    Hi guys!

    This is not at all a rant/complaint post, just shearing my thought.

    For years and years i have been playing on-line slots on a daily basis.

    So you can put it in perspective i have a "budget" of around €1.000 a month... Now unlike most of you i dont play in sessions, nor do i plan playtime in advance.

    By this i mean every chance i have i'm spinning those reels.. ( iphone in the car, laptop at work and pc at home ) i basicly have between 1 and 4 slots running on auto spin for at least 5hours a day on average ( some days 15hours, some days none depending on my agenda. )

    Caus i know thats the way i play i am not the type of person to say "ok i have 200 here lets make a run for it!!!" and hope to cashout 1K.... i know myself well enough so i limit myself to bets under €1 about 99% of the time ( bet size also depending on variance ofc ) with the occasional 50 spins at €5 each on some random slot...

    OK now my "problem" :

    I have played every single NetEnt slot, and most MG slots to a great extend... Now i have never in my gambling life experianced this problem im having now.

    I absolutly love everything there is to love about Immortal Romance!! However i cant seem to "keep on playing" it...

    i would start with lets say €100 at 30P/spin and i have roughly 45minutes of playtime on average before going bust.

    I know its high variance, and i love high variance but the feel on most is different.. ( i could play DoA or BDBA at 0.18/spin with a roll of €100 for hours and hours and hours as you often get the X100's and if your lucky that X1000+) Now on IR i get that X300 once every blue moon, but nothing in between decent wins to keep me going!

    Now my personal conclusion is that this game is MILES higher variance than DoA/BDBA/Isis/Deck of Halls/"insert any game"....

    So basicly in short, is IR a game you could play on autospin ( quickspin ) for 5+ hours with a starting roll of 1000+ bets?

    My evening so far has been : start 300, drop to 100 on IR, build back up to 300 on Alaskan fishing, back to IR, back to alaska, and so on so forth pushing 0.3/spin...

    I know the X15K bet potential on IR but is there really nothing in between bust and buying a new house?

    Right not sure if this made a lot of sense, i'm fairly drunk and i wrote this in between 3 smoke breaks, but i really want to know if IR is the ultimate "all or nothing" slot, or i'm just verry unlucky?

    p.s i have logged over 65.000 spins on IR at 30P/spin so this is not comming from a bad session frustrating me.

  2. Oct 3, 2012
  3. Osloking

    Osloking Quit Gambling

    Melodies :3
    Norge or NO-WAY!
    The only advice i can give you is...to NOT play it at all, i have lost more than 8K$ on lowrolling at IR and its just not worth it.

    what you do is to just build a pot for a guy randomly come and gets wild desire for 2000X bet, as soon as you dont play it your bankroll wil last longer.

  4. Oct 3, 2012
  5. Ginske

    Ginske Dormant account

    Sales rep
    Well but there must be something i'm missing? I think its fair to say 95% of on-line gamblers dont play as much as i do. ( i'm not talking about stakes, i'm talking time )

    IR is the ONLY slot ive ever found i can not keep playing for more than 2hours at minimum stake without getting a bank loan!

    not beeing funny but with a €300 bankroll you could play something as high variance as BDBA for hours and hours betting 0.32/spin and have a great night! IR to me is not like that. i understand the max payout is FAR higher as the max on BDBA but does IR never give those X200's in between good spins to keep you going?

    Why i made this post, and why i dont just stop playing this game is caus it seems its MEGA popular left right and center, so i'd like to find out why :p
  6. Oct 3, 2012
  7. Tirilej

    Tirilej Still a Lady CAG

    That is a game that I never put in more then $15 on 30c bet and if it doesn't pay I leave, and maybe go back trying again later.
    I have had big winnings on the game so it is possible, but so rare so I just play it because it's fun when I feel like it.
    I suggest you do the same. No autoplay on that game.

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