Just need to vent a bit


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So I've avoided playing for a while but decided to play a few rounds. Not sure why this surprises me but of course I run into the normal casino "drama" right from the start. After going through page after page of stupid T/Cs as any good responsible player should
I finally decided on a place to play. Which by the way I came across some insanely stupid T/Cs but I won't get into that.

Deposited $ 500 to take advantage of a particular bonus they were offering. I play on and off for a full day. Then go to log on today, and get the "you aren't allowed to log in, please contact customer service." So speak with the CSR, at which time they advise me they need my verification documents.

Now being a man with what I would consider a decent amount of common sense, I advise the CSR that a request for documents would make more sense if done prior to the deposit or at the time of withdrawal but surely not on the next day after I've been playing for a full day. I told them I'm in the mood to play now, but I'm stopped in my tracks, and have to wait to now go through the verification process.

Has this happened before, of course. Does it make sense...no. I know they don't want to do it at the beginning for fear of losing a depositor. But once you have my money as I'm sure they know this, I have no way of withdrawing until I send them in. Part of me hates myself for not just sticking with 3dice. They pay fast, and I have never had to worry about any shady overly complicated bonus rules....I just play. I mean really I just log on to play, deposit and play. No thinking about anything other than having fun.

So now I'm stuck wanting to play but scared to deposit elsewhere as for the life of me I can't figure out a good excuse for my wife. I'm sure "I had to wait on the other casino to verify me," will result in my unfortunate death


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Yes I'm replying to myself. After I read what I wrote it really just pissed me off that much more. I realize I just wanted to play. Already got home from dealing with other problems, and just wanted to relax and play. Wtf. Part of me kind of wants to scream....or shoot something :rolleyes: (no not them). Yea sounds crazy but I need something to just be simple and normal right now. Yea I think I'm going to have to call wifey and ask for a bit more to play with at 3dice.

Ok I'm done venting.


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Do they have a rep on Cm you can pm and maybe get the process done a little quicker?

If not come play the tourneys at 3 dice and we can catch up on all the gossip together!


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Well, I do like you and your, sometimes silly, posts so I would like to thank this particular casino for giving me the chance to read your venting :D

What about that ''everything happens for a reason''?



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Do they have a rep on Cm you can pm and maybe get the process done a little quicker?

If not come play the tourneys at 3 dice and we can catch up on all the gossip together!
I'm fairly certain they don't (not that I see for the main group or the specific casino).

Actually a tourney does sound good, and I do have something I need to talk to you about in regards to work. I'll log on in a few minutes (need to go fix something to eat). Worked up a hunger.


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From a US players viewpoint there is no better place to play than 3Dice, period(.) Every place irks you once in while but that fact remains.


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Agree with that, bigjohn - and I haven't had much luck at all there since January, lol. I just think they run a first class, top notch casino. :thumbsup:


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still better than this

i had one net ent casino verify me and say it was all fine until i beat there wagering with a decent profit on a first deposit bonus
then i go to cash out sorry we cant take your id after all can you send us this and this and this i sent them about 3 cards bill scans
then its like can you send us a copy of your original birth cert and im like i haven't seen that in years ive sent you so many documents and im not paying for a new passport as it will end up costing me the amount of my cash out and i don't have the time
such a joke and i end up out $200 euros will never play with that group again."there not a group that accredited here but there owned sites do come up in forum"

there's nothing worse than having to wait for verification apart from them rejection your documents after the fact bloody clip joint

i have only had a issue with id with one other casino out of 50