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Mar 10, 2005
I have recently moved, and in that move my birth certificate was lost. Needless to say, I have to wait for that (a month+) before I can get my license changed over.

edit: I have to send off for it, out of state :p

Question is, do I stick to the casinos I've cashed out from in the past, or does anyone know of casinos that will overlook this with a scanned copy of a current bank statement that has my present address?

Thanks for any info ;)
If I were you Winbig, I'd stick with casinos that are tried and true. I have the same problem, no driver's licence and no passport...so I stick to where I've either cashed out previously with no problems...or where I know someone who can assist me if I do have problems.

WTF am I talking about? You have to actually cashout to have problems, lol. Anyway, for the sake of a month, I'd play it safe if I were you. :)
Yea, I guess I'll end up having to bite the bullet and stay with 32Red/Solomons/Geisha Lounge then :thumbsup:

I don't think GL/KS has any reload bonuses, so I guess it's 32Red :lolup:

I looked at some of the instant cashout casinos, but it's either play with no bonus, or take the bonus and have WR's of 50x-5000x :eek2: Too bad I can't play at Ladbrokes :(

edit: Hmm KS has changed a bit. They now offer a 100% reload bonus. 40x WR for BJ...hmmm ;)
I moved out of state last year and I emailed my favorite casinos my new address. All casinos acknowledged my new address and none asked for proof. In addition I have since cashed out and and they have not asked me for re-verification.

You could PM the casino reps to see what their policy is in regards to address changes.

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