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Sep 13, 2006
Hi to all

I have visted many playtech casino and I found out in some of them, 32vegas, giantvegas, playgatecasino ect... that there is 100 times wagering for the players from my country Netherland even the currency is in Euro like any other country.I would just like to know under which bases this kind of casinos come with this terms and conditions of the bonus and are they free to write what they want in terms and conditions because as players we always said check the terms and conditions but there is question how they wrote this terms and under which bases.Are they allowed to write what they want in this terms.By doing so, this kind of casino make it difficult for any player to enjoy freely the games.exemple 10 euro bonus, you have to wager 1000. it is really ridiculous. other euro country have to wager 12 times even the games are the same and the currency is the same. I dont know where is the problem here.
Hope I will get an answer to my question.

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It is common for casinos to have higher wagering requirements for residents of certain countries. The increased wagering usually relates to a higher rate of fraud or "bonus abuse".

Note that there are many other quality casinos that don't have increased wagering for persons in your country.
AKA's got it right,

The Casino is within its rights to impose any limits or restrictions upon their bonuses, it then falls onto you to either accept the terms that apply to the bonus or not take it up.

You will mostly find that certain casinos market to a particular region, players from that region are exposed to marketing and branding and thus tend to join the casino for the right reasons, while areas not targeted; may have increased wagering simply because a client from a non marketed region that happens to find the casino in question is much more likely to be bonus hunting.

These banned/increased wagering/restricted list grows and evolve based on recent and past activity both legit and illegitimate.

Anyway hope that helps at all, if you have any more questions feel free to PM me.

oooh btw not all Playtech casinos have such high wagering for the Netherlands *hint hint* *wink wink* :cool:



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