Just how many online casinos are there?


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May 2, 2005
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I wonder if anyone knows (perhaps the "Man Behind the Curtain" himself) how many online casinos there are now worldwide, and how many new ones pop up in a week or a month? Just curious.
If I had to guess, I'd say there are probably ~250 online casinos with a new one popping up maybe every 2 weeks.

100% casino exclusive probably true, 250 - 350

If you count all the sportsbooks offering casino games, plus poker rooms offering casino games... The number could be high.

My guess is that running gambling sites could be about 1000 or more.
I think the better question is how many online casinos are there, that actually pay up. The numbers would dwindle dramatically.
Most likely

Will be the ones accredited by this site.

You will see that they are not even 50 on that list.

However I dunno of some other places which do pay and work with honesty and professionalism. Never the less, I will say that I will only make business with probably 4% of the online casinos and gambling sites out there.

If there are over 1000 gambling sites, go figure how many are trust worthy
Good question this :) My guess would be around 750 ignoring the "skins", but a lot of those would be small "niche" casinos like FHM etc. Probably around 200 or so fairly well-known brands. That's not to say they are all reputable though!
Casino City lists 2599 casinos of various types
of those 1125 were Casinos-469 Poker-609 Sports and Racebooks
and the rest are unspecified.

Casino Checker claims 2000 online Casino reviews
and an exhustive list of Out of Business and Blacklisted Casinos

Bonus Bud has 389 on his current spreadsheet

The US Government Accountability Office states there are
over 1800 online casinos

I hope that answers your question Tigr50

I knew the numbers for casinocity, however a lot .. A LOT OF THEM are out of business...

Also some of them are not even casinos, they are just like back portals or some weird sites.

But its one of the most extense directories I have seen.

So, yes... the industry is HUGE.. however only like 20 sites are worth visiting jejeje
I would go with Simmo's estimate - perhaps a tad higher but it is difficult to know for sure due to the dynamic nature of the industry with large numbers of clones, mergers and acquisitions, redirects, closures and domains in waiting.

The number of new operations coming online has dropped dramatically, probably a sign of a more competitive and consolidating industry. I use the word 'dramatically' advisedly. Several years ago there were as many as a dozen a week appearing; now I doubt there's that many real operations launched in a quarter.
My spreadsheet has 450 seperate casinos listed ...

However, around 10-15 (that's a guess, not an actual count) I have listed as closed or redirect to sister casinos now.

I've tried to stay away from skins (like the Grand Virtuals), but would have to go through it more strictly to be able to say that there aren't any in the spreadsheet.

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