Just got a $50 no deposit bonus...

Put it all on one hand of blackjack, and win 6 times in a row, letting it ride each time.

These questions are so easy sometimes I wonder why people even ask. :p
Got a $50 birthday bonus from Royal Vegas. They have always been good to me...

Now how do I turn it into thousands? Seriously.

It CAN happen...

I signed up with them not too long ago on their free spins promo ... met the WRs of the free spins wins and cashed out (well turned over into my real account) the max, which I believe was $250 or $300. That amount had wagering reqs, and I only had to deposit $20 of my own money. I ended up meeting all the WRs and cashed out over $1300.
That was a great weekend..house to myself, plenty of drinks, played from dusk till dawn, and I'll trade in $20 for $1300 anyday!!
Hope you have a great Birthday!
Just play the $50 and have fun .
Hope you do get a nice juicy cashout.

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