just "dirtied" a referspot account !!


Dormant account
Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
i have a clean referspot account, one which i have never made a withdrawal on because i have never won on it.

thus i have no problems whatsoever, either with depositing or the software malufunctioning because i have a bonus in the account.

well i have just hit a very nice and tasty win :)

so what i are the chances that i have now "dirtied" this account because i will be making my first withdrawal from that account ? i.e. problems with depositing and the games not working from now on i guess.
have just experinced my first account specific software alteration.

on the withdrawal page all of the withdrawal options apart from a check have been removed, despite me using neteller.

only possible way to proceed with the withdrawal was to agree to have a check.

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