Bitch and Moan Just closed my EWX account


aka LooHoo
Jun 5, 2006
Edmonton Canada
I'm in Canada and for the last month have been unable to use my eWalletXpress account. The first time they said it was just a couple of days. Then a couple MORE days. This time they told me they don't know so I just closed my account. What a crock. "Is that a yes then?" :rolleyes: snarky...

You are now speaking with Karen of Customer Service.
Me: Hi Karen - Will I ever be able to use this again from Canada?
Karen: Yes you will but unfortunately there is no known time as to when this will be fixed
Me: I think I might as well close this account then
Me: there's no point in keeping it if I can't use it right?
Karen: I need to access your account, may I please have:1) First and Last Name2) Mailing Address3) Login Name4) E-mail Address
Me: ------
Karen: Thank you, one moment please, while I retrieve your account information.
Me: ok
Karen: Are you sure you want to close the account?
Me: might as well
Me: it's pointless to keep it open if I can't use it
Me: it's been over a month now
Me: and no hint of when I'll be able to use it again
Karen: So is that a yes then
Me: yes
Karen: one moment please
Me: you can even keep the 57 cents
Karen: Sorry for the problems....the account has been closed
Me: thanks
Karen: You're welcome. Good night.
Me: bye