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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I played at an anonymous MG casino. I deposited $50 and turned it into $800. From others suggestions I have a scanned copy of both my passport and drivers license as well as 2 utility bills. I contact support on what they will need for this cashout. They want a credit card statement and/or a bank statement. Utility bills are not accepted. This same casino wanted my social security # when I signed up which i just ignored. This is a gross invasion of privacy.

First I have never made a deposit into my Neteller account. They are only cashouts from casinos thus it is impossible for me to charge it back. It is my understanding that Neteller will verify this if asked.

Second I do not get either bank statements or credit card statements, for free checking I do it all online, I do not get my CC bills mailed for privacy reasons.

Third if I did have these to give I still would never send them to them. Bank statements are noones business, especially if I did not use them to make the deposit. Why do they feel the need to be this nosey?

They told me to talk to the manager Monday morning. This is a first for me that they would want this info that is so sensitive due to the obvious fraud potential. Its bad enough these places insist on sensitive ID info but to go this extreme is total BS, I cannot wait to talk to the manager to see how they possibly justify this, especially since they can verify I have no way of charging this back.
Let me guess. Is the one I just played? LOL~

Yes, I don't like to give out my credit card or bank statements. DL is fine. Good luck and hope you get the money. Keep us update.
You can blotch out some private information on your

a) driving license: license no., may be also picture

b) bank statement: balance, withdraw to whom, deposit by whom etc

c) credit card: card no. if you did not use your card in anyway with them,
all the items bought and individual amount spent.

The information suggested above are none of their business anyway. They
have no right to know.

All you need to show is your name, address, date of birth that you filled in
when you registered at the casino. If you use your bank account to make
a deposit and you want them to deposit back into that account, you
better show the account no., your address, your name. If you did not
use your credit card in anyway, there is no reason to give them your card
no. or statement.

Other than that you don't have to show anything else. This is so that they
can verify that you are who you are, of legal age, and the account that
the money is going to is indeed your account etc.

If you scan your documents into computer file, you can use some software
like draw/paint etc to cross out all irrelevant information. If you fax hard
copies, you can cross out anything private by a thick dark marker etc.

I did that whenever a casino asked for documents. I have no problem so far
although not that many casinos asked me for docs.

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