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Oct 30, 2008
In my opinion this is just wrong. In fact it kind of pissed me off.

I hadn't played MG in quite a while. I decided to give it another go since I'm not winning anything anywhere else. I had Golden Riviera installed on my computer. The only MG casino installed, by the way. So I log in and since I only intend to make a small deposit I ask if I qualify for any bonuses on my deposit. I do not. I find it a little strange that there is absolutely no way I can get a deposit bonus since most casino offer bonuses on pretty much anything you deposit but what the hell? If I don't qualify, I don't qualify and I'm far too lazy to go install another casino just for a bonus. So I make my deposit and proceed to lose every spin just like I always do. No bonus features, blah blah blah... You know the story.

Anyway. I'm almost broke and a box pops up in my face. It's support. Some chick says I can give you a nice bonus if you make a deposit of 20 or more.... I just bloody well asked for a bonus. I say "Are you insane?" To which she seems a little dumb founded. I say "I just asked for a bonus on my deposit and was refused. Now you show up 15 minutes later and offer me a bonus if I deposit again?" I say "Put your bonus on this deposit. The one I'm losing as fast as I can spin." She says that deposit doesn't qualify for a bonus. My next one does. I say "Well, that's a shame because there won't be a next deposit."

Golden Riviera is no longer installed on my computer.

By the way... A couple of years ago I tried to open an account at 32Red and was refused because of some security problem. After this Golden Riviera fiasco I decided to send 32Red off a message and see if this was still an issue. They told me it wasn't. They say they have better verification procedures now and that my old unused account is quite fine to play with. So now I have 32Red installed and Golden Riviera is in the cyber dumpster.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... These casinos might not need me and they might not need you but they do need "us." Maybe I'm not a high roller. Maybe I'm not a big or frequent depositor. Maybe it won't really hurt their pocket books when I leave and go elsewhere.

But then again maybe someone else will read this and open an account somewhere else instead. And maybe when someone asks me where a good place to play is I'll be suggesting 32Red because that's where I'm playing now. And maybe these two people will post good things about 32Red or where ever they're playing instead of Golden Riviera and others will join these other casinos or move away from Golden Riviera because of it. And in the end the little snowball they just packed up and started rolling may just come back and roll right over them. At the very least it isn't in their best interest to have these things rolling around.

But then I guess that's part of why we're here. To see just how big these snowballs can get.
I've totally been there, not even 10 spins in sometimes and some annoying chat box opens and tells you if you deposit more you get a bonus. WTF? Bank on me losing the initial bonus much... Jeepers. I swear I wish we could all come to a pact/agreement to deposit at say 3 casino's and three only and to heck with the rest of em!

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