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Mar 15, 2003

When you use an On-line Casino based in Costa Rica you are playing at your own risk and you are at the mercy of the On-line Casino's good faith to fulfill its representations. Casinos may decide at their own discretion not to pay what you have earned and there is no way you can collect those monies since it is illegal in Costa Rica to collect money based on gambling.

Changing the Costa Rican laws so that people can hold on-line casinos liable if they do not fulfill their responsibilities and representations to their customers is almost culturally impossible due to the Catholic religious beliefs.

Currently, the Costa Rican Congress is discussing a new casino law (Ley de Casinos) to regulate Casinos hosted in Hotels. The law intends to regulate the gambling industry in Costa Rica. Congress is debating whether to ban a few of the current Casino games or to make gambling legal in Costa Rica.
correct me if im wrong, but isnt it just illegal for costa rican casinos to allow costa rican residents to play there. Also, when are we not at the mercy of a casinos good faith to pay us? Do you honestly thing any real government regulates these casinos? luckily there are some really good groups out there that keep their word.
Gambling is illegal in Costa Rica? Wouldn't know it if you ever walked down a street in San Jose. And since when did the Catholic church oppose gambling? The Catholic schools in my neighborhood used to have all kinds of fundraisers that involved gambling.

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