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Aug 16, 2006
dont ever play on joyland or prestige or new york casinos they are proven to be a scam youll never win once your wagering requirment is met PROVEN TOO
Why are you posting this again? You made a long-winded (all caps) post in the non-bonus issues forum yesterday about this very same thing.

I read your profile and see that your opinion is that almost ALL casinos are scams....I can see you're going to be a joy to have around. Maybe you shouldn't play online if you really believe that. And just out of curiousity, what city are you from? If it's Wichita, spelt it wrong. :what:
One thing I find really stupid is, why do people brand ALL the casinos from the same AFFILIATE program to be bad just because the operator of Joyland is no good?

According to website there's three properties being run by the same operator:

The following clients are marketed exclusively by CPays:

Crown Solution

32 VEGAS launch Website
The bona fide feeling of Las Vegas is what the brand new
32Vegas is all about. Its innovative style and original design
will keep you revisiting it time and again. Try out over 100
games including live dealer games and progressive jackpots.
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At 32Vegas, its all about the choice, YOUR CHOICE!
Additionally, dont forget that the exceptional 24/7 online
support staff and live chat feature will assist you immediately
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So if you feel like living Las Vegas then you will feel right at
home at the All New 32Vegas Casino.

CD Poker launch Website
CDPoker is a sophisticated gaming experience that captures
that much-sought-after feeling of a real-life poker game. With
stunning graphics, players may choose a 3D image of a person
that is most representative of themselves, and join a table
composed of poker-loving gamers, awaiting the excitement of a
live poker game.Bonuses at CDPoker begin with a 25% first
deposit bonus, and ongoing Free-roll tournaments.

Joyland Casino launch Website
Joyland Casino is a fun and fresh online casino that offers
58 of the most exciting games and a generous $808 Welcome
Bonus! Priority at Joyland Casino is to make every players
experience a pleasurable one that includes player security
and fair gaming. Joyland Casino ensures an experience not
to be missed!

According to the the clients' page (Outdated URL (Invalid)) Prestige Casino belongs to PrestigeGaming, while New York Casino belongs to ICC Gaming.

I just don't understand why people get groups and casinos mixed up.
dont ever play on joyland or prestige or new york casinos they are proven to be a scam youll never win once your wagering requirment is met PROVEN TOO

I would like to know how you can prove this? I know not too many like this group but believe it or not I have not had any problems. Joyland gave me a 25.00 bonus and I cashed out for 1000.00. Also USA part of the same group I cashed out 1800.00 on the sign up bonus. So I guess that this proves you are wrong.

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