JonnyJackpot and max bet


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Dec 10, 2020
small claims cours

I would have to argue that the contract, and the way it was policed, breaches these consumer laws. I can certify that i have read the terms but They were unclear for the target market or were "unfair" to the consumer.

An increasing number of UK casinos are finally getting the message that they need to use software to block the acceptance of invalid bets, rather than accepting the bet and relying on the player to know whether or not it's valid. In a land setting, such as a betting shop, if a bet is accepted by the clerk, that's it - binding on both parties. The bookie's clerk is expected to refuse bets that are against company policy, and if they fail, the bookie can't then have the bet voided if it wins. The same argument would apply to bet accepting websites, the software is really an automated bookie's clerk, and should not accept invalid bets.

For many years, we have been told it's "impossible" or "impractical" for enforcement of max bet to be built into the software, then along comes the UKGC, and them reminding operators that consumer contract laws apply to them, and all of a sudden platform providers are falling over themselves to implement the "impossible" or "impractical". It may be that they have considered the above argument being used against them in court by players, and have decided to act before it becomes a problem.
It’s time to JonnyJackpot to act because it is a real problem for their players !