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Sep 20, 2005
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Hi everyone. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if I am reading the paytable wrong. I hit 2 jokers and a lemon and it paid out. I then hit 4 more double jokers and a symbol without a payout.

I see the paytable on the top left side says 2 jokers plus any symbol = $$ money, 20-8000 coins. I received no coins for these hits. I am reading this wrong or is it glitch?? Any input is appreciated.

I read the T&C's and did look for all the info it had but it doesn't have the paytable for 2 jokers and a symbol anywhere except on the machine.

If you look at the joker paytable you will notice the first two rows lit up and the third dark for any symbol.


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Jun 13, 2003
Hiya Silc

The joker is not wild, it acts as a scatter in "supermeter" mode.
Hit two of them for one mystery prize, three of them gets you three mystery prizes (unless they are on on a payline of course, that means JP)

To play the supermeter you have to get any win in normal mode.
You can then go on to play the supermeter with your winnings. Will cost you double that of a normal spin though. But you do get a shot at the joker mystery prizes.



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Dec 9, 2008
Yes that reply is spot on.

2 scattered Jokers are only active when in the super game.

The super game is activated by getting any win, you effectively are using your normal game win as stake to get the bigger and better wins in the super game.

Near the joker scatter paytable is a "20" this relates to the super game (as you use 20 coins to play super game)

Just had a nice little run on this... it were never-ending wins in the super game! Well for a while at least ! :D

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