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Feb 22, 2001

Top U.S. legal eagle says a membership of millions is the best way to influence self-interested American politicians

Leading U.S. gaming authority Anthony Cabot has come out in strong support of the Poker Players' Alliance, an American body dedicated to defending the game of poker from the depredations of U.S. politicians and self-interested gambling entities that seek to hamstring the game's development.

In an memorandum carried on the major poker information portal 2+2 this week, Cabot discusses the need for players to unite and has some pretty scathing comments on some of the politicians in his country who supported last year's Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

Urging players to unite behind the PPA, Cabot opines: Congress will not act to protect your rights unless they think by not doing so it may impact their ability to get re-elected.

I know of no other organization other than the PPA that has the capability of uniting the poker world in this cause. My guess is that the PPA needs a million members to begin to have such an impact.

"I think the PPA deserves the support of the poker world.
When they can that slumbag d'amato, i'll think about it.

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