John Ashbee's Response


Dormant account
Apr 12, 2002
I give him credit for talking to Steve. Should have happened a few months back, but better late than never. I hope they (and other casinos) realize that the OPA would work with casinos on these types of issues. A lot of grief could have been saved.

I agree with Steve's comments. Continued patience at this point seems to be the most constructive action.

Forcing Tropika's sites into even more financial straits wouldn't help in regards to getting players paid. Better for all involved if Tropika's casinos return to some type of solvency.

Although, I'm sure these comments don't help those that are waiting for large sums of money, but hopefully payments will continue at a somewhat regular pace.


Jan 12, 2001
So hurray for John Ashbee for talking with Steve. Honesty certainly doesn't hurt.


You still must not "rob Peter to pay Paul". Either they take a loan out against future proceeds or shut the operation down. Pawnshops don't figure in the equation. Even Ashbee, as chairman of a publicly-listed company, must know that this is the WRONG way to proceed.

Under these circumstances, I must still continue to recommend against making deposits at Tropika-managed casinos.


I absolutely agree with Spear on this. Future OPA members are in jeopardy of being ripped off by these sites.

If they aren't paying past debts, what reason is there to think they will pay new debts. And if they keep accepting deposits, there will be new winners.

They cannot sustain in this way. They must have an infusion of capital, payable at a reasonable rate, in order to have a chance to become profitable again. Given their current debt load, and lack of collateral, the rate anyone would charge would be usuary. But who in their right mind would lend these guys any money?


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
End of this (April) month is the Day or Reckoning for these guys. After that final deadline if players remain unpaid Tropika will feel the full weight of an OPA consumer action and they will find that difficult to survive in my view.

I hope that they raise the cash and pay their players as this has been going on for far too long.