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Apr 4, 2016
DO NOT PLAY HERE!! I REPEAT DO NOT PLAY HERE!!! I consider myself a pretty seasoned online casino player..played at hundreds..this was my BIGGEST MISTAKE!!! made several small deposits and never really won anything...got a deposit bonus and free spins...won 105 euro from free spins and had to wager about 4750 i believe... i played mega joker with bets between 1-2 euro..did very well and kept the chat window open , constantly asking about my remaining wagering requirements. i won up to 16000 euro after fulfilling wagering requirements. the max withdrawal is 5000 per month so i requested that.
1) after making this withdrawl i contacted lice chat and said that id like to set up a wagering/ deposit limit...in their responsible gambling section, it says thats possible through support...the response i got was : its not possible, you just have to not play it

2) today, hours after sending in my docs for verification i logged in and played... i got my remaining balance from 11000 euro up to 19000 euro... i contacted chat to find out the status of my docs as well as my balance, asked if everything looked fine, that i didnt have to wager anything else etc... all was well

3) log in again and start playing mega joker again...i win 400 euro..but its not added to my balance...i thought maybe i just need to refresh the browser... nothing happens...after 5 more spins i win 400 again...BUT AGAIN NO WINNINGS ADDED TO BALANCE! i contact chat about this default and take a screen shot...im told that theres nothing we can do about it.... i exhale and just chuck it aside seeing that ive already won 24000 euro in total...so i dont play and just wait for everything to be processed.

4) i log in again after maybe 30 minutes..MY BALANCE IS 0.00 ....i check my pending withdrawls...this is what i see : Your entire balance is originated by the bonuses given to you from the casino and therefore, cannot be withdrawn. Continue playing and use the bonuses to win money. You are welcome to contact our Support 24/7 for any questions....

5) I contact chat to find out what the hell is going on... im told that all winnings have been voided...there was a bug in the system....WHAAATTT ????????? A BUG IN THE SYSTEM??? all the time i made deposits here and lost...there was NEVER A BUG IN THE SYSTEM... a regular, FAIR casino, would close for maintainence if technical issuses arise, but wont penalise a player and void their winnings when the fault lies with them (if there even was a bug in the system)

6) chat told me that my initial deposit of 21 euro was refunded to my bank account and that i got refunded 100 euro from my winnings. This just goes to show the scam this casino is spinning...if there infact was a bug...why would i be granted 100 euro and not the 24000... or instead, nothing at all?! ... i told chat i want a copy of those 2 refunds..i want transactions IDs...financial dept said they would send them now....hav ent received anything as yet.



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Dec 6, 2011
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First - Yes this is bad casino often make problems with payemts and have trapy hidden strange bonus rulez.

Secund - how is possible you win 16.000 € in mega joker? with bets 1-2€

If im good remember they have hidden rule abaout player cant bet no more then 30% of deposit amount ( even if player play without bonus ) So if you win this big amount you probaly use high stake - Im dont know your orginal deposits amount but probably your stake was over 30% your deposit amount so basicly you probably broken hidden rule so they void your winings.

But this is high risk casino so even if somone play good with rulez and win big amount then they probably always find some reason to void payments .( And if is no any reason then like you see they just tell we have " winning bug in system and winings will be void " With answer like this they basicly stole money from people .


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Jan 20, 2004
@ jkjuhlin : I had received your PAB but it was incomplete. I tried to contact you for the missing info and you did not respond. Consequently the nature of your dispute with them is unknown, hence the change in the title of this thread.

Also, since you've not responded I've had no choice but to mark the PAB "Closed."