Dormant account
Apr 15, 2000
Someone please come and rescue Jim Redman Casino! They've not been able to take any deposits for a few weeks. I'm owed about $1200 in two cheques. One smaller cheque arrived over a month ago and had to be resent due to a bank account closing (apparently it was sent again just over a week ago). The later cheque of $800 has yet to arrive even though it says in Cashcheck it was sent in March.

I was never notified of any problems with cashins but they replied to a recent email with this:

"Please note that there has been a delay in processing all the cash-ins during the time 21st March - 4 April, of which you have been notified by e-mail, and your not receiving the cheque is probably due to this. Please wait one week more, and if you still have not received the cheque by then, please contact us again."

There was a 20% promotion where you had to wager three times the total deposits in the week and also quite a few other promotions. I don't think they lost too much money on them. I suppose it depends if they had the money to begin with.

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