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Oct 23, 2006
Israel announced to players on their site last week that they would be closing forever in 5 minutes, locking out multiple players without warning. Since then, they have posted a notice on their site explaining their reasoning, but made no mention of what players could do to settle account balances on their site. We obtained an e-mail with the message that affected players could contact, who were asked to provide an accurate name and mailing address in order to initiate the check disbursement process. It was noted that checks would be issued in 6-12 weeks. A number of players have reported sending e-mails to that address and thus far have received zero response.

PokerRoomReview did some digging and came up with a very disturbing picture of this operation. The website was operated by a company named JSP Interactive Ltd, based in St. Kitts, with the finance side handled by Thramo Services Ltd, operating out of Malta. Two phone numbers were listed, +356 8888 8888, and the other, 800-555-1212. The first is clearly bogus and the second you may recognize as a toll-free directory assistance number. Also, in a listing when they first opened, their e-mail was Jetset Poker at a hotmail account, which, by the way, is no longer valid. So it appears that from the very beginning this company was covering their tracks.

Given the above, it is very unsettling that they have thus far made no attempt to communicate with players as to the settlement of accounts. We had reports of a couple of small payments made to players, but after that, nothing. We urge the operators of JetSet Poker to issue a statement of intention regarding funds owed, or contact PokerRoomReview and we will assist you in any way we can in getting the word out.

In the event no funds will be forthcoming from JetSet, we ask the operators to send us the account balances at the time of closing (without personal information except the players name and username) as we will be doing our best to arrange some form of compensation for affected players at other poker rooms, though we hope it does not come to this.

Our investigation into the matter is continuing and we are working our network of industry contacts, gathering facts, and ask that anyone with information about JetSet Poker
This is disgraceful behaviour and we have asked the management at Jetset Poker for comment prior to running this as a cautionary news story.

In the meantime please keep updating this thread as more information comes to light.
There have been several rumors that management and/or owners were in the U.S. and this is why they closed. I have been unable to confirm that but it looks like they were in Malta and Antigua. They closed the night before the bill was signed. They had a decent number of games going but most were micro limits.

On the Monday before this I got an odd email from them saying I was kicked out of their prop and affiliate program. I did not however ever join their affiliate program and had not propped there in probably two years. I guess that was a hint of what was to come.

The only reasoning behind the 6-12 weeks to wait for checks is to make sure no one charges back. The problem there lies in the fact that there must be many players that had not deposited any time recently or had great track records. The lack of any response or warning is very troubling though. They obviously were taking deposits up until the last minute knowing they would be closing.

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