jetbull casino any good to play


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I have seen a half decent sign up bonus, I have checked a few old threads and 50/50, Not much I can find


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I think their partnered with guts casino.. iv played at both but never had a withdrawal... both play fine


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Looks like a good site, but $10,000 max winnings on sign up bonus is rubbish, and never a good start. I think they also have max bet percentages on each individual spin that has to be self monitored. If they are a guts partner I'd love some clarification from Ben if he's affiliated.


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they cant be(Guts sister site) as guts wagering requirement is standard where as jetbull WR is sky rocket and max win limit etc

Also the winnings from fs have to be wagered quite a bit whereas guts has no requirement

They do payout fine as i did once had a WD of 500 from 20 deposit but got insanely lucky on octopays (4 bonus rounds in 10 spins right after meeting the WR) and it was paid to skrill within 24 hours despite being my first withdrawal i-e documents approved and withdrawal paid within 24hours

But reading some forums u best make sure not to break a slightest of term


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I am very happy with Jetbull. Good casino with a great selection of games.

Yes, they do have a €10 000 limit when playing with a bonus, but I do not have a problem with this as they do not offer large bonuses. For example the welcome bonus is up to €150. This limit does of course not apply to progressive jackpot wins.

The maximum bet when playing with a bonus is 10% of the bonus amount received. A lot of casinos have a max bet rule and 10% of the bonus amount received is quite easy to understand.

Guts and Jetbull are not connected in any way.

Jetbull also has a nice rep on this forum:


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Never had a problem there although wr is high.

Nice selection of games.

Quite strict on Id but once verified, withdrawals are quite fast.

Lots of free spin promos etc: deposit 20 get 100 free spins but again the wr on free spins is quite high.


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Cheers peeps, Someone mention guts, After some research there actual company is Guts Interactive NV, & as far as I can see have nothing to do with them, I would be more than happy with a 10grand payout :) lucky for 100 now days,
Thanks again & happy spinning


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Would you be happy with $10,000 if you hit a jackpot of $50,000?

Highly unlikely, but I don't think those that have hit a jackpot were ever expecting it either.

Even if I hit $15,000 I'd be pissed to lose $5,000. Considering most casinos don't have a max cashout on bonuses, I think it's up to us as players to influence change by voting with our money and avoiding casinos with these restrictive terms. There's really just no need for them, and there only there to restrict the player.

Yes we'd all love $10,000, but imagine getting that 10k when you've just hit that once in a lifetime jackpot of $50,100, 200, or $300,000 plus. Restrictions like these are in place because the casino knows it could happen.


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Never had any Withdrawal on jetbull, so i cannot comment on their payout procedure, but what makes me stay away from them is the fact that they often offer freespins for deposits, BUT winnings from freespins (also if you have to deposit in order to get them) have a max cashout of 100€/$ . In my opinion this is very low considering these spins are like a deposit bonus, once they change this rules i would deposit with them but this way, no thanks..


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As Rainmaker wrote, they are very good casino. They recently changed their monthly reload
into weekly 50% reload, like Betsson did ;)

Btw I am surprised I see frequent free spins mentioned, I never got any in 2 years.
Never worried me, to be honest, but still going to PM the rep, maybe I wasn`t signed up
for newsletter or something.

Edit: Just got a reply from the rep (that was quick!). Yeah I wasn`t signed up for newsletter and offers.
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