Jesus Could this acutally be working?!!?


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Nov 27, 2006
I just used the "We double you inital deposit blah blah blah" promotion on a casino. I desposted $50 to get $100....i then clicked withdraw expecting to be stopped saying you need to wager a certain amaount first but it DIDNT! Low and behold have 100$ sent to my credit card 4 days later:O:O:O

I have never known this before with a casino!! for you information it was [removed link] - PLEASE let me know if anyone else has the same luck. Whish i ahd deposited $100 now!!:eek2:
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I see you're at University and I assume you're studying English, but I'm moving you into the History group.

Oh and Spamming your own white label casino is not welcome Mr Lovell so maybe you should consider Social Science too :p
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Man, I see that and I start laughing ... the American slang of that is priceless. :D

I'd be inquiring about the gender of that user before claiming Simmo "BUSTED that ass". :eek2: :eek: ;) :cool:

It doesn't matter to Simmo ;)

Now that I think of it, I'm sure tennis_balls would love to join in on that too!!!
Dear ol' Max... Probably the same one spamming during another board's chat this weekend as the 'sell' sounds the same. Moron. Very uncool, Max.

And Simmo! is on the ball! Thank you.

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