Jenga Slot at Intercasino


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Jun 16, 2005
While I was following Springsteen around the northeastern US, Intercasino released a couple of new games. I had my comp point cashback payout of just over $20 and took one of the games for a test drive. I didn't bother with the new Vegas Blackjack. It's a four-deck version of their new AC Blackjack which has a slightly better return than their eight-deck game but is otherwise the same. Likewise for Buccaneer's Bounty. I loaded it up and it looked good-bonus round and free game features along with nice artwork, but I was really curious about Jenga.

Jenga is a familiar game from when I was a kid. I even played it at a dinner party a couple of years ago (there might have been alcohol involved:D), but as a slot machine? It actually works. It's an 18 line (actually layer) game with three coloured blocks on each line.

The artwork here is really beautiful. When you play, the music and sounds are soothing and almost hypnotic as the game pieces fall into place. They're using the same concept as Bejeweled and Cubis with coloured blocks or shapes falling into place, matching, paying, disappearing and re-filling. With Jenga, it works with layers. Match the same colours on a layer and you get paid. Any blocks of the same colour that are in contact with the winning layer also count towards bigger wins. If there are two layers of a single colour that are connected by same-colour blocks, you get paid twice for that combo!:thumbsup: It took a while to figure out the way it pays for line+connected blocks. It took a (longer) while to figure out why it sometimes paid me twice.:lolup: Different colours are worth different payouts, just like Cubis. The difference with Jenga is that the game removes blocks from the tower and then puts new blocks on top where you can get more matches. If too many blocks come out of the tower, it topples and you get a whole free game to add to your winnings.

There are also (like Cubis) three bombs. Each one takes out a number of layers and replaces them with new blocks. (Red-2 lines, yellow-4 lines, and green-8 lines). Honestly, I don't see huge value in this. It looks cool, but doesn't really make for a chance at big payouts. There are also magic blocks that turn 5 blocks around it to a single colour. This may or may not produce a payout, making a near miss really painful, but boy can it create a big win.:thumbsup:

The minimum coin value is 5 cents, which makes for a 90 cent spin. That's okay, but not fantastic, I guess. One interesting thing is that you can play 9 lines or all 18 lines, but those are the only choices. It took about 40 minutes to play out my $23.00 in cashback. I didn't wind up a winner, but I did hit a big payout a couple of times.

Overall, I think this is another big hit for Intercasino.


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Oct 22, 2008
Buckeye Nation

Son of a B, it really sucks that we Americans can't play that game. Its my fav. real life board game, next to Scene It. Looks awesome though!


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Jan 17, 2014
I played this for the first time last night and had tonnes of fun. Ended up about $80 and cashed out. I like it when the feature pops up where it changes the colors so you are guarenteed some sort of win. I got a bunch of the white blocks in a row and won about $60 on a 90 cent bet. Nothing huge obv but I enjoyed it.

Might not be some peoples cup of tea tho

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