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Mar 18, 2006
Albuquerque, NM's actually a real website......with a casino as well........definately not recommended (i only visited it to check on the betting lines, honey) :eek2:

received an "F" rating from sportsbook review

nonetheless.....i'm sure some bozo will soon arrive at CM with a "pornsportsbook didn't pay me" claim.
tennis_balls said:
nonetheless.....i'm sure some bozo will soon arrive at CM with a "pornsportsbook didn't pay me" claim.

Kind of hard, it's already dead :)

Default Server:


*** can't find Non-existent

And it's shit like this that adds fuel to the fire for the Gov't here.
my aplogies to all spoting/porn fans

the site is actually "pornsportbook".....not pornsportsbook.......i was wondering why that link didn't work.......but please DO NOT go there now just to gawk at the nekkid ladies.......US govt plans to ban naked ladies once the devil's candy that is online gambling is smitten down!!!
How about this one?


Live nude dealers!

Grand Nevada is the Internet’s fastest growing gambling website. We are the industry pioneers in launching Live Nude Gambling. At instead of playing Blackjack with a software program, members enjoy playing with a Live, Sexy woman who is nude and dealing your cards in real time. The availability of high speed bandwidth allows the delivery of a flawless live stream into your computer with unprecedented discretion and security. This cutting edge technology will change online gaming from soon-to-be obsolete software generated outcomes, to real world, real time results.

We partner with major media affiliates internationally, in order to build our brand and gather new customers. We have solidified these partnerships, because of our commitment to fair gambling practices and providing a better customer experience then our competitors. Grand Nevada has partnerships with organizations like Carmen Electra’s NWWL, Magna Publishing (Ultimate Magazine, Swank Magazine, High Society Magazine, Genesis Magazine), Danni’s Hard Drive, and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Grand Nevada is owned in part by 121 Gaming Inc., and is our flagship website for gambling entertainment. You will find that playing at Grand Nevada gives you better odds, therefore a greater opportunity to win. 121 Gaming Inc. is a long-standing online gaming marketing company, with a strong and demonstrated commitment to ethics in online wagering.
winbig said:
How about this one?


Live nude dealers!

Oh my:eek: ! One thing I joining:D

This should be interesting

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