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Feb 7, 2004
I think they're pretty new and have some incredibly tough bonus terms (85x D&B). However since Bossmedia casinos allow you to cash out at any time and forfeit the bonus, you can view it as a sticky bonus.

I was surprised when i went to cashout and saw this message from the cashier:

"Requesting a withdrawl before meeting the wagering terms and conditions means you will lose all bonus money currently in your account, which include ANY WINNINGS THAT HAVE BEEN CREDITED YO YOUR CREDIT FROM BETS PLACED WITH BONUS MONEY"

My interpretation of this is that if you wager with any of the bonus money, you can't cashout anything won from it until the wagering requirements are met. This sounds ridiculous to me and contradicts the website which says the wagering requirements are only to cash out the bonus amount. This makes it much worse than any sticky bonus and makes betting big pretty pointless. Can anyone tell me if i'm right?
Your right!
It's a crap offer with ridiculously high WR, but otherwise works similar to other sticky bonuses, except that it's not sticky. (Does that make sense?).

From their T&C's:- Read 'green' as your deposited funds, 'red' as bonus funds.

When you start playing, you will be wagering with the green chips - your own funds - first.

Both the green and the red chips can be used for playing at the Casino, and you can withdraw the green chips at any time you wish.

When you place a bet with green chips only, your winnings will also paid in green chips. If you include a red (bonus) chip in your bet, your winnings will be paid in red chips only.

The red bonus-chips can not be withdrawn directly -- when you have reached a pre-set wagering level you can withdraw the red bonus chips if you wish.

Should you choose to withdraw any of the green player-chips before reaching the pre-set wagering level, the red bonus-chips will be removed from your account. In other words - the bonus is a bonus for playing, which is converted into their monetary value only when you have fulfilled the terms of the bonus, but without preventing you from withdrawing at any time, should you wish to do so.

i.e. Once you've lost all your deposited money, and start using the bonus money, you HAVE to reach the WR before you can withdraw ANYTHING.

So in your case, if you dipped into the bonus chips at any time in your play, you can not withdraw until you meet full WR.

Well, that's my interpretation anyway...
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