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Jan 23, 2006
I followed up on their free $25 offer posted here at CM and was lucky. Last Tuesday i called them and they confirmed that i had indeed met their wagering requirements. All i had to do was make a $50 deposit and i could withdraw. I make the required deposit, play some more and withdraw on Wednesday.

By Friday i check again and now my account balance is back to $185. Live Chat looked into this and finally admitted that the casino made a mistake and their "Random Security Checks" reversed my withdrawal. The ONLY way, according to them, this can be fixed is by me making the withdrawal again. I did and i also sent an email. In their reply email i am assured that my withdrawal will be processed for payment February 5, i.e. today. This morning i log into the casino and noticed that AGAIN my balance is shown as $185. In other words, they reversed my withdrawal again.

I phoned the casino this morning and am now being told that i had not met the WR which is why the casino reversed the withdrawal. Last Tuesday, when i phoned, the WR were 500 and i did 650 before withdrawing. Now i am told the WR is 750. While their CS is looking into this some more, they disconnect me.

Am tired of this.
Update: just received the following email reply :

""Thank you for emailing Belle Rock Entertainment!

According to our records, your withdrawal has been returned to your casino account once again due to a technical error on our side. Our Technical Department has managed to find the error and correct it. We kindly request, that you please make your withdrawal again.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.""

I just looooove being jerked around.
Jackpot City is Belle Rock and there is a Belle Rock rep listed here at CM in "Casino Operators"...he might be helpful.

Good Luck,

the dUck
Thanks, Daffy. During my time of lurking at this site, i became aware of the existence of the Belle Rock poster on this site, and i sent him a PM, since i am not getting any help at all from Chantelle, the Entertainment "EXECUTIVE" at Belle Rock.

Meanwhile i logged in twice more to the Jackpot City casino. The first time my account balance was re-set to zero and i thought "haha, they are finally sensible enough to fix their own problem themselves and they are processing my payment". However, when i logged in again a little while ago the balance was re-set again to $185.03.

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