Jackpot Party Released in Belgium


Ueber Meister
Feb 12, 2013
Not sure if this has been posted before. But...

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I play at Jackpotparty UK and won a trip to Casino Knokke in Belgium for the launch of this, unfortunately the launch was delayed, however we still stayed at the 5 star hotel and casino, was amazing!

Was told by the director at the casino when we were there that to have an online casino in Belgium you must have a land based casino, anyway in short, partouchecasinos have purchased a licence to operate the site there and use the WMS content.

From the looks of it, the launch is a little slow, basically a mirror of the UK site, with slightly more emphasis on card games and roulette.

Im a big WMS fan, mainly due to the sheer luck I have had on their slots ha ha!

Think there is a little following on here who love their games too, will be interesting to see if they release a download casino or link up the progressive jackpots with other sites across the world!!!


Rob (Long time lurker, 1st time poster) ;)