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Not if "Neverland" is in the USA I'm afraid - they just stopped taking US residents :p Probably temporary as its a licensing issue on one of the games...if they can prevent US players from playing that alone to keep the Brand owner (who obviously doesn't know the first thing about US gambling legislation!) happy, they'll probably re-open the doors.

If you aren't, then I'd say yes - the Deal Or No Deal progressive looks quite interesting but you need the bonus round to get the deals - neat feature in there which offers you a deal on the occasional winning spin too :) Quite good fun actually. The keno paytable is crap so avoid that, but there is a neat 5-line slot (Jungle something?) that can pay quite nicely I found. It's always tricky with proprietary software as you have no measure and no payout percentages for the games. Wonder if they would provide them...hmmm...there's a thought. I'll find out.
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Hmm I found out something else interesting about JJ today. I haven't tested it yet, but apparently they now have "Instant Neteller Cashouts" when I spoke to them :D

Here's the updated info:
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