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Jan 2, 2003
Now that the unsavory situation has been resolved, isn't it time to remove the banishment, and let them out of exile?

I agree the punishment was deserved and needed, execution was not meant, and their time has been served.

I look for these things in a casino: A fair shot at winning, a no hassle withdrawal when I do win, prompt payment, and a good support team.

Each of the 3 casinos that I have played, gave me all of those things!

Spank the child, BUT, don't throw him out of the house.:cheers:
Spank the child, BUT, don't throw him out of the house.:cheers:

Everyone is free to play where they want.

That said, I choose not to be as forgiving as you.

We're not talking about teaching and/or disciplining a misbehaving child here. We're talking about a business in an industry where the utmost attention must be paid to following an ethical and transparent path.

Since they didn't follow that path (and likely wouldn't have without pressure from MG and ECOGRA), I will play elsewhere and the people who run user-forums, ratings websites, and affiliate programs will each make their own decision on which casinos they should promote.

Individual players have it easy here. It takes a strong person to turn down advertising and/or referral income on principle and I applaud those who do.

To those who do not take that stance, I respectfully submit that each one of you are positively reinforcing negative behaviour.

Pearl S. Buck quote:

When good people in any country cease their vigilance and struggle, then evil men prevail.

In this instance, 'evil' is a little over the top, but the quote does capture the correct sentiment.
Scooter, I believe you misinterpreted the intention of my thread.

Anyway, thank you for your welcome to this new poster.

I think I understood your intentions, but I still disagree.

That said, I liked your calm, rational writing style even though we're on different sides of the issue. :notworthy

I do believe mistakes and errors can be fixed, actual human beings are behind these operations and we all screw up at some time.

An opportunity should be given to every one and if a company solves any major problem within their team, thats something to praise and admire. Never the less, measures must be taken to avoid facing problems like the one with JackPot Factory.

Some operations don't understand and study how gamblers behave. You are not selling Elvis' boxers on ebay... You must understand you are providing a service to a group of people who are looking forward to have a good time, be treated with respect and get paid when they want to get paid.

I, as a gambler, admit that we might be the most difficult customers for any type of business, EVEN MORE IF ITS IS WITH THE PEOPLE YOU MAKE BUSINESS FOR YOUR GAMBLING NEEDS...

We gamblers want everything perfect, we are able to spot so many weak spots on a site, policy or gambling related operation that its scary.

And keeping us happy is not that hard, just make sure to treat me like a king when I contact you ... BE AVAILABLE WHEN I TRY CONTACTING YOU, make sure I don't find out you are stilling from me and make sure I get paid as fast as I send you money.,,,

I am the type of gambler that with the first little defect or failure I find, I will close everything and click on the following site.

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