jackpot factory casinos wont pay for months


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Nov 28, 2008
[pab-in-progress]i am always having trouble getting my withdrawals from jackpotfactory casinos. they will say they have wired your money to your account and they haven't it took four months to get one of my withdrawals and now they are doing it again claiming they have sent it and I should have received it but they really havent sent it. please help me i have emails to show they have did this to me several times. thanks *snip*[/pab-in-progress]
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Jan 30, 2007
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I don't know anything about Jackpot Factory as I don't play there but I would PM Maxd here and see what he would recommend regarding PAB or what. Also, ask to have your account number removed from your post. Never know who's looking.

Don't post anymore in this thread until you have contacted MaxD.

Hope it all works out and welcome to the forum


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Oct 14, 2004
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This is a long standing problem with their finance company - they are pretty incompetent at times, and simply will not accept they could have made a mistake. They even "blew off" David Brickman once when he tried pursuing a recent problem like this for me. It didn't work, because I had a full diagnostic from a much earlier complaint to eCogra, which revealed general incompetence coupled with poor to non-existent internal communication between the customer support and casino operations team, and the finance division responsible for sending out the withdrawals.

Once you know how long it SHOULD take, you can figure out when things have gone wrong. It is a little different for countries like the US, where it really CAN take a month to get a wire to a player, but never 4 months.

Three options really:-

1) PM JF rep
2) PAB to Max
3) Complaint to eCogra

Maybe the difficulties indicate it may be wise to quit playing there, as maybe something is blocking their ability to get the wires through the system.

This problem afflicted some JF payments to players in the US a while back, and it took MONTHS to sort out. At least do not make further deposits until the withdrawal blockage has been cleared.

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Jun 16, 2006
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I used to play alot at Wild jack and never once did i ever have a problem getting my money from them, I always pm'ed them on here and always got a reply from Emma, David's assistant and support was always more than helpful.

This is strange imo from past play with them not to pay you, i hope they will help you resolve this issue and i wish you the best of luck:thumbsup:...............laurie


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Jan 20, 2004
@unique1555: In case you missed it while you were reading the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ -- You did read it, right? You should have because you signed off on the PAB which says "I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE PAB FAQ" -- there are specific warnings there about the detrimental effect forum posts will have on your PAB.

I realize you filed the PAB the day after you posted but fair warning that further posts will likely get your PAB tossed out.

Of course once the PAB process is complete you are free to post on the subject as you see fit.
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