Jackpot factory and server overloads


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Oct 16, 2008
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I am posting this to answer all of the questions regarding the screw ups on slot tournies...

all the tourneys are interlinked to all the casinos meaning MASSIVE traffic,they recently made it impossible to play the tournies unless you verify your alias which cut a bit of freeloader traffic,now some of them you need to deposit before you can play free tournies,I don't know if you ever played an MMORPG but this is the same problem server overloads,they will likely upgrade the servers so they can get more traffic but when the server is overloaded it cannot accept more requests meaning you cannot join the tournies at that time but you might be able to a minute later if the server free up anough room. sometimes half an hour,they will not tell you this info clearly but that is the issue.If they told you it was server overloads then players would complain and say why can others play and i cant blah blah so they say technical problems...same thing :) Even if you play at times where less people are playing it wont matter because they lower server capacities at those times to save money. I know you feel burned because you think if you are depositing money they should have good servers but if you look at any MMORPG which generate craploads of cash like world of warcraft that has over 10 million ppl which even might generate more cash than all microgaming casinos put together, well you will even see lag in those games so casinos are not exempt to lag and server overloads or maintenance. Sometimes servers completely go down and nobody can play.


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Sep 26, 2004
Dammit, at this point in time I am experiencing exactly this. I am very frustrated. JF, you'd better come and give an explanation for this.

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