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Jan 13, 2006
I just spoke with support at Jackpot Factory. I was checking on my ACH which I was told was PAID on 3/6 by their processor.

I was informed that their processor has notified them that they will now need 31 business days to pay ACH withdrawals.

So my 2/27 withdrawal of 800.00 should reach my account by 4/18 !!!!!. Plus they will not be able to change the payment method to Click2pay or eco card because"it has already started to be processed" YEA RIGHT!!!!!

I am throwing in the towel!!!!!!!I can not continue to make deposits and have the money leave my account virtually 1-2 days after depositing and then wait over 30 days to be paid my winnings or casino account balance.

While I understand their problem, they should have informed us of the extended processing time and allowed us to change the payment method if possible.

I have not received any payments since the end of February and the situation is getting worse.

Big dollar has temporarily stopped ACH and check via courier. So they are sending my 1300.00 via regular check, hope it doesnt bounce.

I have 5800.00 pending ach payment at two microgaming casinos. I am deleting all casino software, this sucks. If I don't get paid, I have 60 days to dispute click2pay transaction, deductions, from my Bank account. If they can't pay my winnings, they should return all my deposits up to the amount they owe me. Click2pay really screwed us when they removed the withdrawal link. There is no reason for them to not allow withdrawals when they are submitting eft transactions to our banks for our deposit transactions. They could mearly code them as refunds in my case. Obviously if my bank is sending them money they would allow them to refund money to my account.
I hear ya...

My $1000.00 withdrawal from 7Sultans was begun on March 3rd. A few days ago I received an e-mail, apparently sent to many people waiting for withdrawals to be processed that all money's would be received by the end of this coming week. At least they are keeping us informed...hope they are right.

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