Jackpot City - BAD SUPPORT !!!


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I never had this before.

The support for Bell Rock is so bad... (german and english)

They wasn't able to solve a problem with my tournaments in 2 WEEKS. It even took 8 (!) emails and 3 telefone calls, until they understood the issue (german support, I AM GERMAN !!!).

They requested screenshots on and on, not knowing, that they are NOT ABLE to get them, because their server discards all screenshots (but wanted me to do it over and over again !!!) OMG

Still not solved - the rep here isn't helpful either since nothing happend, although he said he wanted to help..



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I know ive had a few probs with their tourneys also, with saying that after i posted here they cleared the one tourney up for me right away. I think they might be having probs as i just got a weird email from them saying they will credit my account bonus later they have tech probs.