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Nov 26, 2009
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Being out of town for the weekend, I was left having to play the jackpot capital mobile site because I did not bring laptop.

I hate to be the complainer, but spending close to 45minutes on phone calls with people that don't know what there doing has made me write this up.

Well the first problem I ran into was getting coupon codes to be excepted. After typing them exactly as listed multiple times they would not take it. This is where the fun begins. I have to revert to calling because their is no chat on mobile site. As I call the rep redeems code, but it would work because it has free spins and the mobile site does not have the game for the free spins, so after a while the rep says she can get me a different code with 60x playthrough. I explain that all the deposit codes are 30x and 60x is for no deposit. ( I am actually having to tell her how it works). Now the debate begins. She say that requirements can change. I tell her that it says general t&cs on the email and if you go to the site it says 30x. She says sorry but that's how it is. This was her general response on all issues. After about 10 minutes of "this just cant be their is no way" finally I ask her if that is wagering for deposit and bonus, and she says no just the bonus. So now I tell her ok well then that where the problem lies, I always talk bonus + deposit Wr just like the T&c's refer to.

I actually have to call her back again because another code wont redeem. She tells me code not avail till 12/1. I again have to debate that the email with the code doesn't say anything about not starting till the 1st. Again her response is, "that's just the way it it". Ask for supervisor, says ones not available. After 10 minutes on the phone I lose her, call back get someone else and the code is redeemed in 5 seconds and im off the phone in 1 minute.

I also asked if slotastic was mobile. She says yes. She gives me website slotastic.eu, which doesn't work its still ,com. So I am on the phone with her telling her I cant find where to click for mobile on slotastic website. She keeps saying its there. This goes on for 5 minutes. Then finally she says hold, and then comes back and says she was informed slotastic is NOT mobile.

It was a wasted 20 minute conversation because we were talking the same thing. The problem is because I was so persistent on her not being right I figured she would have got someone else to help. I actually asked for manager or supervisor at one point, but was told one was not available.

It seems to me its a training issue. The reps need to be able to have a conversation about casino lingo with the seasoned gambler. She should have also been trained to get someone else involved when there is a problem:confused: Just a very poor way to handle things.

The mobile site has problems redeeming codes, it does not show playthrough anywhere on site, nor does it show comp points.
Mobile site and staff issues

Hi there,

I've sent you a PM. Please be so kind as to furnish me with the details and we will ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Kind regards,
Casino Manager
Hi there,

I've sent you a PM. Please be so kind as to furnish me with the details and we will ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Kind regards,
Casino Manager

Yes I did send details yesterday. I had said it may be best to discuss via phone to give you all details. I do understand that the time difference makes it tough, but I did just try to call while you may still be around.

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